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Due to the COVID debacle, there’s been a significant erosion of public trust in “experts.” Many of these so-called authorities lost their credibility when it became evident they weren’t focused on the science. Instead, they seemed more interested in pushing a progressive agenda and doing Big Pharma’s dirty work. So, it’s no surprise that many Americans are questioning their doctors’ true intentions these days — and with good reason. Now, a new study focusing on psychiatrists and antidepressants is likely to make even more people wonder what’s really going on. The study reveals that the overwhelming majority of psychiatrists wouldn’t hesitate to prescribe antidepressants to their patients. However, when it comes to their own well-being? They exercise far more caution.

So, you’ve got to wonder: Why is there such fervor to push Big Pharma’s products on us without even a moment’s pause for reflection? We don’t get the luxury of a “wait and see” approach, yet elite doctors take that approach for themselves. That’s a significant issue and a recipe for even more erosion of trust between patients and doctors.

Here’s a closeup of the chart:

You can read the entire study here.

The 79% figure is staggering and highlights a serious issue within the medical community. It appears the focus has long sense shifted from “care” to “profits,” and unless that changes, the medical field could be headed for some very serious challenges down the road.