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The Republicans are standing at a crossroads, with September 30 looming large. Everything hangs in the balance. Will they seize this moment to defund the Deep State and halt the ongoing assault on President Trump and the American people? They have all the cards and all the leverage. Failing to act should spell the end for many of them. Yet signs are already emerging that McCarthy is open to working with the Dems. If that’s the case, it means the Deep State will be fully funded to continue their campaign against President Trump.

ABC News:

Congressional leaders in both parties are signaling an increased willingness to punt the deadline to fund the government to later this year, possibly delaying a looming government shutdown until the winter and buying lawmakers more time to hash out government funding bills.

During a closed call with the Republican conference last night focused on the upcoming government funding bills, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy told his conference that he’s increasingly open to passing a stop-gap funding bill to keep the government funded past the current Sept. 30 deadline, a source familiar with the call told ABC News.

It’s a slight change in position for McCarthy, who was previously hesitant to endorse a short-term measure, called a continuing resolution, or “CR.”

“I do expect a short-term CR will be needed to finish all the work that we set out to do,” McCarthy told members during the closed call. “But I don’t want the Senate to jam us against the holidays.”

Congress returns after Labor Day, leaving them with just weeks to work out a path forward.

The arrangement McCarthy is proposing could see Congress voting in the coming weeks to keep the government funded at current levels possibly through early December. During a press call Tuesday morning, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said he was supportive of McCarthy’s proposal.

Naturally, Republicans are ready to play nice with the Democrats. After all, most of the politicians on “our side” probably want to see President Trump behind bars, too.

Here’s what Trump loyalist Stephen Miller said about the whole thing on X:

Most people in the comments section have lost faith in Republicans, and it’s hard to blame them. Despite their supposed “power” in the House, our side has accomplished next to nothing. We, the people had to press them hard, literally threatening their political careers, to even get them to entertain the idea of impeaching Joe Biden, who is one of the most corrupt politicians in recent history.

Kevin McCarthy has proven to be as pliable as most of us suspected, yet there’s no concerted effort to hold him accountable or remove him from leadership, despite promises to the contrary. This is a pattern we’ve seen repeatedly with Republicans — they give D.C. what we like to call the “Trey Gowdy Treatment”: raise a big ruckus but accomplish very little. Expecting a different outcome this time around seems naive. As long as the party is infiltrated by RINOs, our progress will be cut short. We need to clean out our own house before we focus on taking down the Dems.