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The international community is watching current events unfolding in the US with a profound sense of astonishment and dread.  Among other things, we have a “dementia patient” pretending to run the country who just wants to go home and take a nap…

However, we’re currently witnessing the globalist regime go completely and totally rogue. What we have is a faltering political party, resorting to every dirty strategy in the Marxist playbook to cling to power. Could you have ever imagined a situation where a former U.S. president, and the frontrunner for the 2024 race, is arrested by his own government? This is the stark reality we’re facing today. The uni-party regime is so desperate to hold onto power that they’ve thrown caution to the wind, pulling back the curtain and revealing their true colors for the world to see.

The U.S. has lost its moral high ground to lecture or criticize anyone, especially given how it’s treating President Trump—actions that reek of “banana republic” tactics, and the world is well aware of it. Our leadership and influence have been significantly depleted as globalists scramble to maintain their grip on power. And even Putin is pointing out the obvious.

Say what you will about Vladimir Putin, whose hands are not exactly clean, but his statements in this context are simply undeniable.

The United States has lost her way. We can no longer claim to be the champions of “freedom and democracy” that we’ve long portrayed ourselves to be. As it currently stands, the majority of Americans believe our elections are rigged, our media is propaganda, and our Department of Justice is weaponized for political means. Putin has a point: we’ve lost our status as the “shining city on a hill,” where truth and justice reign supreme. We’ve shown that, beneath the facade, we’re not all that different from Russia, China, or North Korea — and now the whole world knows it. Sad.