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It’s truly disheartening when so-called “cherished” conservative institutions fall prey to Stage 5 TDS and careen off course. Sadly, this isn’t an uncommon  occurrence, though it does offer us a chance to see how many of our supposed allies are, in fact, establishment RINOs. Even so, it’s a tiresome pattern we’ve witnessed repeatedly. And speaking of that pattern, recently, the founder of the “conservative” law group The Federalist Society, Steven Calabresi, made a surprising assertion, claiming that those attempting to remove Trump from the ballot using the 14th Amendment were justified and could likely succeed in their efforts.

Get this — Calabresi actually sat down with Norm Eisen (of Revolver News fame) back in January of 2021 and wrote an op-ed for the New York Times (archive link) saying Trump should be charged and impeached before he left office, or even afterwards, so that he could never hold office ever again.

Liberal activists and self-proclaimed “constitutional scholars” spanning the political spectrum have rallied behind the “14th Amendment theory,” asserting that Trump’s post-2020 election conduct disqualifies him from seeking future public office. This notion has garnered a wide array of supporters with varying political perspectives.

What’s truly disconcerting and thoroughly un-American is when uni-party regime elites attempt to remove the most popular candidate from the ballot using these questionable tactics. Last time we checked this was America, not North Korea. This kind of plotting goes against the principles of fair and democratic elections. Unfortunately, it’s become a recurring theme with the Trump-haters, who, in the pursuit of his downfall, are willing to cast aside even the most fundamental standards of our democratic process. The ends always justify the means when it comes to taking down Trump.

However, Steven’s commitment to the “14th Amendment” approach has proven to be short-lived. In a striking and rather dramatic change of heart, he now contends that Trump ‘isn’t covered’ by the 14th Amendment. His reversal stems from a newly published article that has swayed Steve’s opinion, arguing that the 14th Amendment does not apply to the president and he’s free to run for office.

The Messenger:

Law professor Steven Calabresi, who helped found the conservative legal group the Federalist Society, reversed his position on whether former President Donald Trump can appear on ballots due to the Constitution’s 14th Amendment and says he now thinks the former president cannot be barred from running.

“Former President Donald Trump isn’t covered by the disqualification clause, and he is eligible to be on the ballot in the 2024 presidential election,” Calabresi said in a letter to the Wall Street Journal.


He said his opinion was swayed by a new article that argued the phrase “officer of the United States” does not apply to the president for the purposes of Section 3, which states that no elected official in the U.S. can engage in “insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.”

Sure, it’s commendable that Steven was open-minded enough to recognize the flaws in his previous stance. Nevertheless, the unfortunate reality is that many self-proclaimed “experts” often succumb to the trap of Trump Derangement Syndrome, leading them to make misguided judgments driven more by their political biases than their common sense or professional expertise.