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It seems that Dan Crenshaw may have some anger management issues. Who could forget the rumors circulating about him punching walls in his office after throwing hissy fits, and calling Republicans “terrorists” for not supporting Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker?

Naturally, no one paid much attention to Dan, and not long after his “terrorist” outbursts, he appeared on the House floor with bloody knuckles, sparking a lot of rumors.

And we’d all love to forget the time when Dan rudely confronted a 10-year-old girl who innocently asked him about his faith during a town hall event.

Needless to say, this guy has some serious issues. So, it didn’t come as a surprise when we heard that Dan was once again making violent threats against MAGA Republicans. Dan harbors a lot of contempt and disdain for anyone outside  of the GOP establishment, and it’s no wonder he’s now targeting Senator Tommy Tuberville for his outstanding efforts to to protect innocent lives by obstructing woke military nominees in protest of the military’s abortion policy.

Of course, Dan is incensed by this and has resorted to threatening to “tear apart” Senator Tuberville.

Discern Report:

Republican Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw said he is ready to “tear apart” Republican Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville over his ongoing hold on the confirmation of the Pentagon’s military nominees, Politico reported on Friday.

Tuberville has successfully blocked the confirmations of over 300 military nominees in the Senate since February out of protest of the Pentagon’s abortion policy, which funds female service members’ travel while seeking an out-of-state abortion. Crenshaw expressed his frustration with Tuberville’s blockade and feared “worsening consequences” in a text exchange with Republican allies, according to Politico.

“[I am] at a point where I’m going to tear apart (if asked) coach/Senator/non-veteran Tuberville for personally attacking service members who have spent almost 30 years serving our country,” Crenshaw said in a text exchange. “I don’t know what outcome he expected, but I’m hearing more and more that his actions are having worsening consequences.”


Sadly, it’s par for the course to witness an enraged do-nothing globalist warmonger targeting a senator who’s genuinely taking on real challenges and doing what his constituents ask of him. This is a territory unfamiliar to RINO Dan. The only individuals Dan Crenshaw fights for are traitors like Liz Cheney, ironically stating in her defense that “We can disagree without tearing eachother [sic] apart.”

Texas, what are you doing? Thank Mr. Crenshaw for his service to the country, and then vote out this RINO.