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Well, if there’s one thing we can all agree on about Biden’s DOJ, it’s that squalid institution’s unwaveringing laser focus on targeting anyone who even questions the regime. Just take a look at their unjust actions against President Trump, the January 6th political prisoners, and Douglass Mackey, a Trump supporter convicted of “conspiracy” for sharing an anti-Hillary meme, facing a potential 10-year sentence. It’s like something out of a dystopian “Mad Max” style movie. Merrick Garland’s approach to anybody not aligned with the Biden regime is like watching a mafia hitman at work. And that’s exactly what Rep. Thomas Massie compared him to regarding the recent attacks unleashed on Elon Musk. There’s no doubt they’ll try and throw Elon is prison. It’s already heading in that direction. Undoubtedly, Kim Jong-un must be watching all of this unfold, impressed by the left’s use of Marxist tactics.


Federal prosecutors are probing whether Tesla’s company resources were used to supply personal benefits to CEO Elon Musk as early as 2017, farther back then previously known, according to people familiar with the investigation who also said prosecutors have made allusions to the involvement of a grand jury—indicating potential criminal charges…

Meanwhile, there has been no investigation into the $400 million donated by Mark Zuckerberg to left-wing non-profits, seemingly aimed at influencing the 2020 election through a barrage of unregulated mail-in ballots, many of which were counted late at night, behind closed doors.

Nope, nothing “shady” there, folks, keep moving…


He and his wife donated at least $400 million to two nonprofit organizations which distributed grants to state and local governments to help them conduct the 2020 election during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic. The donations came at a time when election offices were trying to transition to mail voting.

Tomas Massie grilled Merrick Garland over his politically-driven attacks on Elon Musk during a recent Judiciary Committee hearing, where Garland looked more like Mr. Magoo than a vicious Mafia hitman. Clearly, somebody else is pulling Merrick’s strings.

It’s high time the GOP takes action and initiates impeachment proceedings against this n0-good traitor, who seemingly follows orders without question, and is leading one of the most unjust and anti-American plots against “we the people”this country has ever seen.

Lock him up.