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Would it surprise you to learn that the CIA was probably deeply involved in the COVID pandemic? I doubt it. By this point, many of us understand that our “three-letter agencies” have been weaponized for political purposes by the uni-party regime. However, the revelation that our government used taxpayer dollars to bribe “experts” into changing their opinions is nothing short of villainous. Revolver covered this bombshell story when it first broke a couple of weeks ago.

As we all know, the COVID pandemic is shrouded in a while lot of mystery. Remember those early, fear-mongering videos from China and Italy claiming to show people collapsing in the streets and mass graves? As it turns out, those clips were edited and totally fake. Yet, there seems to be little interest in investigating their origins. Clearly, COVID didn’t turn out to be the “deadly pandemic” we were warned about, so who went to such lengths to create that “deadly” narrative? These are just a few of the lingering questions surrounding a “pandemic” that served as a convenient springboard for the left’s “Great Reset.”

One of the most pressing questions is the virus’ origin. Initially, we heard it came from wet markets or “bat soup,” but those stories have been debunked. It’s increasingly likely that the virus was lab-created and originated in Wuhan, China. Yet, oddly enough, our own government seems very reluctant to admit this. They’re even going to great lengths to hide the truth. One whistleblower has come forward to reveal that the CIA actually paid experts to change their stories, insisting that the virus wasn’t lab-made but instead came from a “zoonotic” source-meaning it jumped from animals to humans.

Here’s what the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic had to say on X:

Here’s a closeup of the images:





One has to ask, why would the CIA need to “bribe” anyone to change a narrative about a pandemic if it were authentic? The simple answer is, they wouldn’t. Genuine matters don’t require cover-ups and bribery to appear credible. But the story doesn’t end here—it actually takes an even darker turn, now involving none other than Dr. Anthony Fauci.

So, we know the CIA was dangling dollar bills in front of six scientific experts, trying to get them to do a 180 on their Wuhan lab findings, and now we discover Fauci was secretly ushered into the sacred halls of the CIA for a cozy little chit-chat about COVID’s origins.

But here’s the kicker: While the FBI and DoE stated that COVID sprang from a lab, the CIA is still hemming and hawing, claiming they can’t pinpoint the “precise origin” of the pandemic. And now we learn that Fauci and the CIA were likely scheming to keep the real story on COVID under wraps.

Here are closeups of the images:

Based on the latest revelations from the House Select Subcommittee on COVID, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Dr. Anthony Fauci was probably acting as a pawn for the deep state, colluding with the CIA to obscure the US government’s involvement in the creation and release of a virus that interestingly, synced up seamlessly with the 2020 presidential election.