The Detroit News:


In her remarks on Monday, Nessel compared Antrim County to Ingham County, where her office brought felony charges against 16 Republicans who signed a false certificate after the 2020 presidential election in an attempt to challenge Democrat Joe Biden’s victory.
“Eventually, those cases will be tried in Ingham County, which is very different than Antrim County,” Nessel said. “Ingham County, where Lansing is located, is a very, very Democratic-leaning county.”

Nessel also said the Michigan false electors had been “brainwashed” and “genuinely” believed Trump won Michigan’s 2020 presidential election.

“They legit believe that. They genuinely believe it,” Nessel said during her comments, according to the video.

Nessel announced eight felony charges, including forgery, against each of the 16 false electors in July. Kevin Kijewski, the lawyer for one of the electors, Clifford Frost of Warren, said Nessel’s remarks, saying there was a belief that Trump won, could cause a problem for her office’s ability to prove the electors had an intent to defraud when they signed the certificate.

“This just proves that the prosecutor is acting politically,” Kijewski said.

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