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Mike Lindell is the hero we need in these times, and he’s finally getting his chance to confront Dominion representatives face-to-face. Lindell is not holding back at all. In fact, the deposition is becoming downright heated.

The Hill:

MyPillow businessman Mike Lindell went after and repeatedly insulted attorneys questioning him over claims the 2020 election was fraudulent in newly released video of his deposition, in which the prominent Republican donor and conspiracy theorist yells and curses at them.


“You’re just a lawyer, you’re an ambulance-chasing lawyer, so don’t start with me. I got all day,” Lindell said. “I’ll take as much time as you want, so let’s go. You’re not my boss, you’re just a lawyer, frivolous lawyer.”

Lindell repeatedly blasted Coomer’s attorneys and called the basis of the defamation claim into question.

“This is a frivolous case and if you’re representing this guy and you’ve read this case, you are a disgusting lawyer, period,” he said. “I can’t believe anybody would take this. This is absolutely disgusting, it’s a disgrace to our country, it’s a disgrace to you.”

The deposition came just over a month after Lindell unsuccessfully ran to be the chair of the Republican National Committee. Coomer filed the defamation suit against Lindell in May 2022.

Taking aim at Mike’s pillows? The Dominion team learned the hard way that it’s a mistake they won’t want to repeat. Here’s what Collin Rugg, the co-founder of Trending Politics shared on X:

JUST IN: MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell goes off during a deposition with a former Dominion executive who is suing Lindell for defamation.

I might have to buy another MyPillow after watching this.

During one of the depositions, Lindell blew up after his pillows were called “lumpy.”

“No, they’re not lumpy pillows… when you say lumpy pillows, you’re an a**hole! You got that? You’re an a**hole is what you are!”

“Lumpy pillows? Kiss my a**. Put that in your book.”

Yes, Mike is passionate, but can you blame him? This battle for the integrity of American elections is incredibly important, and no one has risked as much as Mike Lindell to champion it. He’s taken a massive financial hit for standing up for the American voter — a reality that shouldn’t exist in a so-called “free country.” It truly makes you wonder what our nation has become and how we reached this godforsaken point.

if you want to support Mike, go to MyPillow.com and buy some of his non-lumpy pillows and other products.