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It didn’t take long for the man who once campaigned on New York City being a welcoming “sanctuary city” to do a complete 180. Now, he’s essentially a miniature version of President Trump when it comes to illegal immigration and Joe Biden’s orchestrated chaos at the U.S.-Mexico border.

But my, how the table have turned. Here’s what Adams said back in 2021, when he was proud that NYC was a “sanctuary” for illegals.

Fast-forward a couple of years and Eric is singing an entirely different tune. Now that border states like Texas are sending undocumented immigrants to self-proclaimed “sanctuary cities” such as New York, liberals are suddenly at a loss. The so-called “love” they supposedly had for illegals — whom they never truly intended to support except morally and from afar — has evaporated. They’re essentially admitting defeat; their city is now completely compromised thanks to illegal immigration.

Here’s what folks online are saying about Mayor Adams’ big turnaround:

“Now you’re getting a taste of what border states like my own have been complaining about for a very long time. Serves you right, after calling us “racists” for having the same concerns about our states! In fact, Democrats’ reaction to conservatives wanting a secure border was to make NY a “sanctuary state”. Just so we’re clear; y’all brought this on yourselves. You’ll get no sympathy from me.”

“I love this! Just a taste of what it’s like living in a border state.”

“What’s funny is when they have to face the reality of their own virtue signaling.”

“This is what happens when virtue-signaling Democrats come face-to-face with the reality of their stupid policies.”

“Tell your buddy Biden to shut down the freaking border It’s not just destroying NYC It’s destroying America And you are right… We are all in this together, so it’s time to stand up for our nation”

“And yet I’m sure he thought it was completely okay for Texas to be overrun. Such hypocrites”

It’s astonishing how swiftly a dose of harsh reality can convert someone into an America First patriot, isn’t it? Once again, President Trump was right and progressive polices were wrong.