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There’s a viral ABC clip making the rounds that features disgraced cheater and former DNC chairwoman Donna Brazile. On the surface, it looks like she’s admitting Trump’s movement has traction, contradicting the “bad guy” narrative the left loves to pin on him. But the real takeaway is deeper than that. Brazile isn’t just acknowledging Trump’s movement — they’ve been aware of it for years, and that’s why they’ve been trying to destroy him for nearly a decade. What she’s actually doing is sounding the alarm within the uniparty regime, saying, “Our current strategies are failing. Time to up our game.”

Bone chilling to think what they will do to “increase” their pressure. Also, pay special attention to her closing statement about the “old political rules” not working to quash Trump’s movement. What exactly is she getting at?

Donna’s message wasn’t a concession; it was a rallying cry. And a really bone chilling one at that. Now, we don’t want to venture too far into alarmist territory, but Tucker Carlson also raised red flags last week. He expressed real concerns that the Uniparty might resort to assassinating President Trump, as they seem to be running out of options.

Would you put it past them?

Donna’s message underscores just how desperate and anxious the uniparty regime has become. They were convinced that hitting President Trump with four indictments would quash his influence, but it backfired. It made him stronger. What the regime fails to grasp is that this isn’t about Trump. It’s about public sentiment against them, about our mistrust and desire to see them ousted from power. Donna just realized that, and it terrifies her. The rest are seeing it too. So, what’s their next move? That’s the scary part.