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In an era where so many “experts” have been unmasked as total frauds and charlatans, it’s a risky gamble to use them as the “backbone” of your plot to take over the world. Yet that’s the playbook of Klaus Schwab, the ghoulish leader at the World Economic Forum. Schwab, who’s advocating for a one-world government, believes he can coax the masses into relinquishing their freedoms, rights, and sovereignty, and entrust everything to disgraced so-called “experts.” Although the plan seems far-fetched, we’d be foolish to underestimate the lengths to which these globalists ghouls will go to in order to achieve their objectives.

A video clip from Klaus Schwab’s recent G20 speech is catching fire online. In it, he makes the case for “experts” to take the reins in every aspect of our lives. Essentially, this clip is his “global enslavement program” boiled down to one eye-opening moment.

Wide Awake Media:

Former US government insider and author of ‘The Great Reset’, Marc Morano, on Klaus Schwab’s recent G20 speech:

“He’s talking about us essentially giving up national sovereignty, giving up individual freedoms, and turning over rule to experts… This whole agenda is to make it so we have no choice on some of the biggest questions of our lives.”

“We didn’t get to vote on whether gas powered cars would be banned, we didn’t vote for vaccine mandates, we didn’t vote for lockdowns, we didn’t vote for banning of meat. But all of this is happening, because at these meetings like the World Economic Forum and the United Nations, they meet and they work with government-corporate collusion to bypass democracy and impose stuff through this corporate government fascism.”


Once upon a time, we handed the keys of power to our Western governments, thinking it was all good. Fast forward to today, and we’re reaping the results. Turns out, these folks can’t be trusted as far as you can throw ’em. They’re downright shady and will pull any trick in the book to control us. Now we’re up against these globalists in a battle we never saw coming. But here’s the silver lining: these folks are like cockroaches—they can’t stand the light. Dragging them into the public eye, for all to see, could be one way to crush their tyrannical globalist schemes.