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The Proud Boys leader, Enrique Tarrio, has received a 22-year prison sentence in relation to the January 6th events at the US Capitol. Interestingly, Tarrio wasn’t even present in DC on the 6th, but this high-profile former federal informant is still being made the ultimate scapegoat.


Between 2012 and 2014 Tarrio was an informant to both federal and local law enforcement; in a 2014 federal court hearing, Tarrio’s lawyer said that Tarrio had been a “prolific” cooperator who had assisted the government in the investigation and prosecution of more than twelve people in cases involving anabolic steroids

After being sentenced, Enrique Tarrio spoke out, claiming feds actually pushed him to lie about President Trump. Why? He says they were desperate to tie Trump to the events of January 6th so they could slap him with a Seditious Conspiracy charge. He spoke recently with journalist Emerald Robinson about what transpired.

But what has a lot of people intrigued is an X post and video that Investigative journalist Julie Kelly shared recently. Kelly, a key figure in revealing the true events of that day, just like Revolver, has also interviewed Enrique Tarrio on two separate occasions. Interestingly, Tarrio spent that fateful day in a Baltimore hotel room, far away from the US Cap building. As the video shows, Enrique was eating Chick-fil-A and watching the Capitol events unravel on TV. Tarrio seemed genuinely shocked that anyone had successfully breached the Capitol building.

Here’s what Julie said in her X post:

I have spoken to Enrique Tarrio twice since he was sentenced on Tuesday. He is currently in the DC Gulag awaiting transfer to a federal prison to begin serving his 22-year sentence.

Here is a brief clip of this “terrorist” the night of Jan 6. Tarrio was in a Baltimore hotel that day, not in D.C. He watched events unfold on TV. Here he appears surprised anyone got into the building.

Tarrio told me the DOJ attempted to get him to flip after his arrest and become a cooperating government witness. Why?

“To try and tie the Proud Boys to Donald Trump.”

DOJ claimed to have information connecting Tarrio to at least two individuals also connected to Trump.

Tarrio refused the plea deal despite what he called “coercion” by DOJ. (Tarrio and his co-defendants were denied release for months–nearly 2 years for 4 defendants–awaiting trial.)

Tarrio said DOJ told defense team there was “no chance the government would win in any other jurisdiction.” The jury, he said, “hated us.” (At least 8 jurors admitted during jury selection they had attended leftwing demonstrations in recent years. None had attended conservative-leaning protests.)

Nonetheless, Tarrio said it was “not fair to put jurors in that position.”

(Recall Judge Tim Kelly denied change of venue motions numerous times.)

Tarrio said prosecutors disclosed that DOJ’s “domestic terrorism policy depends on” the prosecution and conviction/plea of Proud Boys. It became clear during plea negotiations, Tarrio said, “they were planning to do more of this in the future.”

The next step for Tarrio and his co-defendants is to appeal, a process that could takes years. He also hopes Trump is elected not for an automatic pardon but for him “to look at our case.”

“Without a doubt, Trump will come to the same conclusion. That justice was not served.”

Tarrio insists that federal authorities intend to escalate this kind of “warfare” moving forward. For many, believing him isn’t a stretch. There’s already widespread suspicion that the feds are pulling the strings behind the “white nationalist” group called “Patriot Front.” This group has a knack for showing up in unexpected places, always at moments that conveniently bolster the regime’s narrative about “white supremacy.”


In truth, there are a lot of these over-the-top goofy, theatrical groups suddenly popping up all over the place.

Both the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers it is now known were utterly littered with confidential informants and undercover agents. The purpose of such infiltration is of course to make any organic, peaceful organization on the part of concerned citizens an impossibility. Be warned.