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Most of us are tuned in to what’s happening, but let’s be real, it’s easy to get sidetracked with all the noise out there. So, just in case it slipped past you, globalists are going full throttle to collapse our food supply. Their endgame? To force us into a diet of lab-grown mystery meat and grasshopper sandwiches.

Just look at how the left-wing media is reporting on this “food climate crisis”:

The Guardian:

According to Google’s news search, the media has run more than 10,000 stories this year about Phillip Schofield, the British television presenter who resigned over an affair with a younger colleague. Google also records a global total of five news stories about a scientific paper published last week, showing that the chances of simultaneous crop losses in the world’s major growing regions, caused by climate breakdown, appear to have been dangerously underestimated. In mediaworld, a place that should never be confused with the real world, celebrity gossip is thousands of times more important than existential risk.

The new paper explores the impacts on crop production when meanders in the jet stream (Rossby waves) become stuck. Stuck patterns cause extreme weather. To put it crudely, if you live in the northern hemisphere and a kink in the jet stream (the band of strong winds a few miles above the Earth’s surface at mid-latitudes) is stuck to the south of you, your weather is likely to be cold and wet. If it’s stuck to the north of you, you’re likely to suffer escalating heat and drought.

In both cases, the stuck weather, exacerbated by global heating, affects crops. With certain meander patterns, several of the northern hemisphere’s major growing regions – such as western North America, Europe, India and east Asia – could be exposed to extreme weather at the same time, hammering their harvests. We rely for our subsistence on global smoothing: if there’s a bad harvest in one region, it’s likely to be counteracted by good harvests elsewhere. Even small crop losses occurring simultaneously present what the paper calls “systemic risk”.

If you don’t see an “emergency order” banning meat as a likely future move to “save humanity,” then maybe you haven’t been paying attention after all. The left is like a dog with a bone when they latch onto an idea, and they won’t stop until they’ve made it a reality. So gear up, because we’ve got a real battle on our hands if we want to keep our natural traditions and instincts alive.

This new video from the folks at Wide Awake Media sheds light on exactly what the ghouls at WEF and the UN are up to and how they plan to wipe out our food and make us dependent on chemicals and insects. This is what they call “progress.”

Unelected globalists at the WEF and UN are using the #ClimateScam as a pretext to deliberately collapse the food supply, so people will have no choice but to eat insects and lab-grown fake food—a plan that is over ten years in the making, as detailed in this snippet from an excellent Epoch Times report, titled ‘The One Globalist Lie Destroying Our Food System’.

Meanwhile, real-life Disney villains like Klaus Schwab will be feasting on prime beef, while you and I are stuck eating cockroach omelets in our cramped 60-square-foot pods. And speaking of Klaus, the comparison to a Disney villain isn’t a joke–he’s one of the most ghoulish elites in the world.

It’ll take more than just saying no to bugs and lab-grown meat. We’ve got to oust the RINOs who can easily be swayed by globalists and left-wing climate zealots. They want us living under one set of rules while they enjoy their elite lifestyles. If we’re not ten steps ahead, “Let them eat bugs” could well become their new rallying cry and our way of life.