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There’s a prevailing notion about the situation unfolding in Europe that is pervasive. Some argue that places like the UK and France are lost and beyond recovery, due to woke ideology and mass immigration. However, many maintain that Italy still holds some promise. While they’ve experienced their fair share of migrants, one thing the Italians have steadfastly resisted (so far) is surrendering their culture, food, religion, art, and history to outsiders. It’s precisely this resilience that makes them a target. Just look what’s happening right now in Lampedusa, an Italian island near Tunisia in the Mediterranean sea.

Something very dangerous is simmering on this small island, and it could potentially lead to significant trouble for the rest of Italy.


Lampedusa has seen an influx of migrants with 7,000 people arriving in two days, prompting its mayor and the United Nations refugee agency to warn the Italian island is becoming overwhelmed.

The island – whose population is under 7,000 – has long been a first port of call for people crossing from north Africa and has been a flashpoint in Europe’s migration crisis.

Mayor Filippo Mannino on Thursday said the migrant crisis had reached a “point of no return.”

“In the past 48 hours, around 7,000 people have arrived on my island, an island that has always welcomed and saved in its arms,” Mannino told Italy’s RTL 102.5 radio.

“Now we have reached a point of no return where the role played by this small rock in the middle of the Mediterranean has been put into crisis by the dramatic nature of this phenomenon.”

The figure was also confirmed to CNN by the country’s interior ministry.

Undoubtedly, this appears to be a well-orchestrated scheme by globalists to inundate Italy with “diversity.” Meanwhile, the exact same thing is unfolding in the United States.

Two years ago, Revolver published an article that drew parallels between Jean Raspail’s 1973 novel, “The Camp of The Saints,” which portrays the collapse of French society due to unchecked Third World immigration, and Biden’s self-inflicted crisis at the US-Mexican border.

Back then, we wrote that the “Camp of the Saints is no longer fiction. The Biden administration has made it reality along the U.S.-Mexico border. Right before our eyes, the government of the United States is deciding that, in fact, the United States doesn’t really exist at all.”

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Yet, we concede a misstep in that article. We had assumed Biden’s administration had already scraped the bottom of the barrel. However, events took an even darker turn, prompting us to publish another piece at the end of September 2021:


But in fact, over the past two months, the similarities between Raspail’s book and America’s insane reality have only grown.

In Raspail’s Camp of the Saints, the collapse of French civilization beneath a tidal wave of Third World migration happens over just a handful of days. In an essay written for the book’s 1985 edition, Raspail admitted his book’s plot was an artistic, accelerated presentation of changes that would actually unfold over many years and even decades.

Sadly, you can take this next excerpt from our “part two” article and apply it not only to the US but also to Italy.


But President Biden is proving that Raspail’s aesthetic choice is far closer to reality than he could have ever anticipated. Not only is the unraveling taking place in the first quarter of the 21st century, but, just as in Raspail’s novel, today’s unraveling can now be measured in days and weeks rather than in years and decades.

In Raspail’s book, the cascade begins with a vast flotilla of migrants sailing from India, but it does not end there. When that flotilla is let in without resistance, additional flotillas immediately launch from Africa, and within a matter of days, that is that: France is abolished, replaced by a new government of those newly-arrived from the Global South.

And so it is unfolding at the US border. The first months of President Biden’s term focused on the massive, unresisted influx of migrants from Central America. But with hundreds of thousands successfully crossing the border every month, it was inevitable that other nations and other peoples, speaking different languages, would get the message.

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Giorgia Meloni, who secured her position as Prime Minister by promising to address immigration and preserve Italian tradition and culture, now faces a significant challenge.

Right-wing critics correctly argue that Meloni hasn’t done enough to address the migrant issue, while left-wing critics believe she’s done too much. Regardless, it’s clear that the globalists won’t sit back and allow Italy to preserve its culture. They will do whatever they can to push Italy towards a “diversity stew” where the delicious Italian flavor becomes overwhelmed by African spice.