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The FBI just lost big in their bid to frame and imprison three men for the so-called “Whitmer kidnapping” plot.

This result is truly stunning to the Biden “domestic terrorism” narrative.

Revolver News has previously extensively covered this saga, delving into its various facets and unveiling the intricate web of FBI entrapment. The evidence is strong that the FBI created and facilitated the plot themselves.


It is important to emphasize just what a sham the Whitmer Kidnapping Plot really was. Defense Attorney Joshua Blanchard was a hero for correctly employing an entrapment defense—indeed, even by FBI standards the behavior here was egregious.

As Revolver noted last year on the so-called Michigan Kidnapping Plot:

A look at the annotated indictment reveals that at every level of the [Michigan Kidnapping] plot, FBI operatives played the most important leadership roles:

-The plot’s “explosives expert,” who the plotters were accused of planning to buy bombs from, turned out to be an FBI agent.

-The head of transportation for the militia outfit turned out to be an undercover FBI agent.

-The head of security for the militia outfit turned out to be an undercover FBI informant.

-At least two undercover FBI informants were active participants in the initial June 6, 2020 meeting in which the plot to storm Capitol buildings was allegedly hatched — meaning at least three FBI informants infiltrated before the conspiracy even started.

The Michigan plot would be bad enough if it were simply an isolated scandal—but it is far from isolated. Indeed, Revolver News was the first to underscore the significant parallels between the Michigan Kidnapping hoax and the January 6 Fedsurrection:

Let’s recap what we’ve established. Just months prior to the U.S. Capitol Siege on 1/6, the FBI thwarted a similar plot involving a siege at the Michigan State Capitol, whose plotters belong to one of the three main militia groups associated with 1/6. The FBI was able to thwart this on the basis of an astonishing infiltration rate of said groups involving undercover operatives and informants who had been working in such capacity, just in one tiny Michigan network, for more than seven months. They were so well-infiltrated that they already had three informants embedded in this random Three Percenter network before any plot was even hatched. Furthermore, just days after the plot was foiled, FBI director Christopher Wray quietly promoted the FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Michigan Plot operation to a coveted D.C. field post, where he now oversees the investigation into 1/6.

The Special Agent in Charge, by the way, is who establishes, extends, renews and supervises all FBI undercover operations.

It is worth reading that again and letting it sink in: of all of the FBI agents FBI Director Wray could have promoted to the coveted DC Field Office position, he promoted Steven D’Antuono—the former head of the Detroit Field Office who oversaw the entire Michigan Kidnapping entrapment hoax.

Steven D’Antuono ran the FBI DC Field Office in the critical months preceding January 6, and on January 6, and went on to lead the investigation into January 6. Steven D’Antuono is even the public face of the FBI’s investigation into the conspicuously dirty “Pipe Bomb” investigation.

Also, Tucker Carlson conducted a thorough examination of the Whitmer Kidnapping entrapment plot during his time on Fox News.


Here’s the breakdown thanks to MJUltraTruth:

Tucker Carlson Breakdown on How the FBI Engineered the Gretchen Whitmer Kidnapping Plot

“What seemed like a terrorism plot was in fact a set up by the Government to to make an ordinary group in Michigan look like “terrifying right-wing extremists”, those violent white-nationalists Joe Biden is always mumbling about.

It turns out there aren’t enough of those people in real life… they’re pretty rare, so the Justice Department had to go create some”

Oct 8, 2020:
• Gov Gretchen Whitmer announced she was the intended target of a terrorism plot.

Early 2020:
• Army Vet Dan Chapel came across a FB group called “Wolverine Watchmen” and was concerned about the groups criticism of law enforcement.

• Within a week, Chapel wound up connected to the FBI, specifically a Special Agent named Jason Chambers.

• Later discovered in testimony, Agent Chambers, in violation of FBI policy was running a side hustle, a security firm named “Exeintel”, which ultimately led his work on the Whitmer case to promote his own business.

• Throughout 2020, someone affiliated with his business, ExeIntel, was tweeting Non-public information about the kidnapping case.

• The FBI then Paid Vet Dan Chapel more than $60,000 to be an informant with the agreement to assemble a group of “right-wing extremists” for the FBI to prosecute.

• Within a few weeks, the FBI created a new Facebook group called “Patriot 3 Percenters”.

THE SET UP of Adam Fox & Others:
• The FBI gave Dan Chapel several $5,000 limit credit cards to give to Adam Fox to buy guns and ammo.

Adam Fox refused five separate times.

JULY 2020:
• Dan Chapel suggested Adam Fox & others fire rounds into the Governor’s Mansion.

Adam Fox & others refused.

August 2020:
• The group started to splinter & the FBI panicked & was instructed to keep the group together.

• Then another undercover agent was pretending to be an explosive expert, who showed the group a video of a bomb that blew up a vehicle, a video made by the FBI.

• Then the FBI recruited convicted Felon & FBI informant, Steven Robeson, to introduce a new idea — TO KIDNAP GRETCHEN WHITMER.

• Robeson, with FBI money, organized several events including a national militia conference in Ohio, training in Wisconsin, & a meeting in Delaware.

JULY 18, 2020:
• At a “militia meeting” organized by the FBI an alleged plotter, Ti Garbin, rejected the idea to kidnap the Governor.

AUGUST 2020:
• Kidnapping Whitmer was again discussed and this time, an alleged plotter, Daniel Harris refused to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer.

• The FBI Informants drove the defendants to Gretchen Whitmers home.
• Then Suggested killing the Gif of Virginia, who at that time was a democrat.

• FBI Agent Jason Chambers texted Dan Chapel that the “Mission is to kill the Governor Specifically”

• An FBI agent admitted a female informant slept in the same hotel room with Croft. That’s a HoneyPot.
• An FBI agent admitted they regularly got high with informant Adam Fox at all of their meetings.

Gretchen Whitmer herself was intimately involved in the setup.

Thankfully, the fed entrapment saga has finally concluded with a triumph for justice. All three remaining defendants have been acquitted by an Antrim County jury after just about one day of deliberation.

ABC News:

The last three men to stand trial in connection with a plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer have been found not guilty on all counts.

Eric Molitor and twin brothers William Null and Michael Null were among the 14 men charged in state and federal court over the alleged plan to kidnap the governor at her vacation home in Antrim County in 2020, largely over the Democratic governor’s strict COVID-19 shutdowns.

Molitor, 39, and the Null brothers, both 41, had pleaded not guilty to state charges of providing material support for terrorist acts and illegally possessing firearms.

The Antrim County jury reached its verdict on Friday after about a day of deliberations following a three-week trial. Molitor broke down in tears of relief after his verdict was read.

During closing arguments on Wednesday, prosecutor James Rossiter told the jury that the defendants were going to help the plot leaders “bring terrorism to Antrim County.”

“If you’re going to help somebody, knowing that they planned a terrorist act, that’s wrong,” Rossiter said.

Molitor’s defense attorney, William Barnett, said in his closing that the state’s case is “weak” and accused the prosecutors of attempting to mislead jurors in their presentation of evidence.

“This thing just became a good story they couldn’t back out of. They’re here pulling the shortcuts to try to get somebody convicted, an innocent person,” Barnett said.

Prosecutors argued during the trial that the three men “hated” their government and assisted in the kidnapping plot, with the Nulls providing the “muscle” and Molitor recording video of Whitmer’s Antrim County property.

Here’s the final tally for one of the most egregious and unjust political schemes to ever grace US courts:

Jurors acquitted five defendants, while five others received convictions. An additional four defendants chose to plead guilty.

It’s a great shame that Tucker will not be jumping on Fox News tonight to break down the story. What Fox News has done is a great disservice to this nation.