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It’s no secret — the left are a godless bunch who are often associated with wild secular beliefs and a lack of religious faith, and morals. They don’t shy away from this reputation, they actually embrace it. However, despite their rejection of traditional religious values, they, like all humans, still seek a sense of purpose and connection to something greater. For many on the left, that higher power takes the form of houseplants — particularly in the context of “climate change.” Weather patterns have become a kind of religion to many on the left, and this fervent devotion to climate change has taken on aspects of a zealous cult, leaving the rest of us to pay the price in failed “green polices” that are actually destroying the planet, not saving it. Remember those paper vs plastic straws? That turned out to be a real bust.

Now, the left is feverishly pushing for actions that seem contradictory to their previous stance of preserving the environment. They’re now calling for the destruction of forests and entire ecosystems in the twisted name of “saving the planet.”

Remember back when the solution to save the planet was planting more trees? Well, today, Bill Gates suggests a different approach: cutting down trees and burying them. It’s a bizarre twist in the ongoing environmental clown show brought to us by the cultists on the left.

Unfortunately, that’s not the end of it. The Biden administration is prepared to potentially devastate ecosystems in order to build massive wind farms all along the U.S. coast.

Fox News:

The Biden administration is facing major blowback from lawmakers, conservation groups and environmentalists for the construction of offshore wind turbines that threaten whale populations.

Activist groups like the Protect Our Coast NJ, Save Right Whales, and others have voiced concerns that coastal wind turbines built amid a Biden administration push for green energy are hurting an already endangered species.

“Marine mammals (whales, porpoise, seals) are sensitive to underwater sound and are extremely vulnerable to harm during offshore wind construction. Damage to their hearing kills their ability to navigate and communicate permanently,” according to Protect Our Coast NJ website.

The point is this: as one green policy after another fails, the left is compelled to contort their arguments into increasingly convoluted shapes to justify their “climate agenda.” Yet, they remain unwavering in their devotion to this faux-religious belief, constantly rebranding it to appeal to the masses. Remember when it was called “global warming” before that was disproved?

Well, this is precisely what Apple has done with a weird and unsettling new advertisement featuring none other than “Mother Nature,” who, unsurprisingly, is depicted as a black woman. Duh.

The ad exudes a dystopian and eerie atmosphere that gives off “tracksuit & mothership” vibes. Even scarier, Apple declares that their goal is to permanently remove all carbon from the atmosphere.” That would destroy life on the entire planet.

Yet another harebrained idea to add to the list.

You can watch the full video from Apple here:

It’s so comical that we found it to be indistinguishable from satire.

After watching that, it should be painfully and alarmingly clear to everyone that climate change is a religious cult that lacks sanity, and is not based in facts or science. And if we don’t deprogram these whackos quickly, this entire country will turn into one big GREEN kool-aid party, where, if Apple has their way, nobody survives.