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The United States’ most resilient and accomplished Attorney General has triumphed over 16 charges and an underhanded coup attempt orchestrated by GOP RINOs who aimed to shield Joe Biden. Paxton faced sham allegations of misusing his political influence to assist real estate developer Nate Paul. The RINOs claimed that the attorney general had accepted a bribe in exchange for hiring Paul. But the reality is that the uni-party regime sought to impeach one of the few guys left who was willing to take on Joe Biden in court. And now, Paxton, who valiantly battled the GOP RINOs, was fully acquitted today.

One of the trial’s standout moments occurred when Paxton’s lawyer proclaimed, “The Bush regime ends today!” This statement came following the revelation that the Bush family, particularly George P. Bush — the fraud who once pretended to back Trump — played a lead role in the impeachment.

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Let’s not forget what establishment RINO Chip Roy said right after the GOP-led coup attempt started against Paxton. He urged him to resign. Shameful.

With friends like that, who needs enemies, right? Despite the RINOs, Ken had some powerful allies in his corner, staunchly supporting and fighting for him every step of the way. One of those steadfast warriors was President Trump.

President Trump always stands by his loyal allies and friends.

The verdict came down after a lengthy deliberation behind closed doors by a jury of 30 Texas senators. And in case you’re keeping track, here are two of the RINO backstabbers who voted to impeach Ken Paxton.

God bless Ken Paxton and all the patriots who fought for justice. Meanwhile, Texas, you know what to do. It’s time to clean house and return to America First governing.