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There’s been a lot of talk lately about how our government is being run by a bunch of senile dinosaurs. And that’s a valid debate to have — after all, the guy who’s supposedly “running” the country just wants to go to bed.

Let’s not forget about Dianne Feinstein, who doesn’t even now what’s happening around her and needs her staff to direct her.

And speaking of being completely out of it, 81-year-old Mitch McConnell appears to be having “mini strokes” on camera after taking a devastating fall during a D.C. dinner event.

Nancy Pelosi, who is 83 years old and often struggles to articulate her words clearly, has just announced her intention to run again. So, what’s the deal? The American people deserve better than witnessing this nursing home-level performance in the White House or on Capitol Hill, all because a group of greedy politicians refuses to jump off the gravy train they’ve been riding for decades.

Of course, President Trump, the frontrunner for 2024, is no “spring chicken” himself. However, due to his phsyical vigor, sharp wit, clear and straightforward common sense, and business savvy he stands as a rare exception to the “rule.” Additionally, President Trump isn’t a “career politician” who’s enriching himself at the expense of the American people; actually, he’s lost a lot of money (and possibly his freedom) in his quest to Make America Great Again.

As the debate on “age” in politics rages on in this country, a recent poll from Quinnipiac, which leans very far left, delivers a massive blow to Simple Joe Biden, while handing Trump some of the best news he could hope for. It turns out that the American people believe Biden is too old to run for office, while Trump is still in his prime.

Here’s what the poll says:

This poll demonstrates that Americans don’t have an issue with age. If someone is older but maintains a proven track record and continues to demonstrate their ability to get the job done, we’ll support them, even if they’re in their “golden years.” However, if someone is visibly disoriented, discussing naps, going off-topic, or experiencing communication difficulties, it’s a signal that it’s time for them to step aside, and we have no problem about making that clear.

The news just keeps getting better for President Trump. He’s now taken his biggest lead yet over Governor DeSantis.

Senility is undeniably a concern for the American people, but it’s not a worry they have when it comes to President Trump and his capacity to steer the country back on the right path.