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A black man who murdered three elderly white people just basically got away with murder. This story is heartbreaking for many reasons. The victims, who lived in Newton, Massachusetts, were in their 70s and 90s when they were savagely stabbed to death last June in their home by a 41-year-old by the name of Christopher Ferguson.  Most of the mainstream media outlets that reported the story didn’t use Mr. Ferguson’s photo in the article, and we’re sure you can figure out why:

More importantly, these are the victims, who despite being elderly and frail, fought valiantly for their lives:

Here’s a summary of the violent murders from X:

June 2023. Newton, Massachusetts. “Random” Stabbing. Christopher Ferguson, 41, was arrested Monday evening for the triple homicide of Jill and Bruno D’Amore, as well as Jill’s 97-year-old mother Lucia Arpino, at their family home. The couple had been set to renew their vows on Sunday for their 50th wedding anniversary. When they failed to show up, a concerned friend went to check on the couple and found them and Arpino stabbed to death. Authorities described the scene as bloody, with clear indications that the D’Amore’s, who are both in their 70s, put up a fight in an attempt to stop their murderer. Authorities said Ferguson did not personally know the D’Amores or Arpino and they believe the stabbing was ‘random.’ He is now charged with homicide, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and burglary. More charges are expected once the autopsies on all three victims are complete.
As of Monday night, only the autopsy on Jill, 73, had been completed. A medical examiner found she suffered over 30 stab wounds.

However, as we stated earlier, Mr. Ferguson likely just got away with murder. Why? Well, because he was just found “incompetent” to stand trial, and that’s not an easy thing to do. Many critics claim the local media went to work early, laying the groundwork for Mr. Ferguson’s “insanity” defense.

Clearly, it worked. Ferguson has been moved from jail to a state mental hospital.


Christopher Ferguson, 33, was found not competent to stand trial after a medical evaluation. He’s accused of killing Gilda D’Amore, 73, her husband, Bruno D’Amore, 74, and her 97-year-old mother, Lucia Arpino. He will remain at Bridgewater State Hospital and has another court appearance set for October.

They say Ferguson will undergo “reevaluation” every six months to determine his fitness for trial. Well, our guess is that he’s well aware of the favorable arrangement he’s currently enjoying. One could argue that Mr. Ferguson got to act out his racist fantasies by viciously murdering three elderly people and could now spend the rest of his miserable life in a comfortable and safe mental ward. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal for him.