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A grand jury in Fulton County, Georgia returned an indictment against President Donald Trump for an alleged conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia and elsewhere. The Fulton County charges mark the fourth of the transparently political indictments against Trump and remarkably include RICO charges which were designed and typically reserved for organized crime.

Whereas the previous federal indictment against Trump came courtesy of the corrupt and politicized Jack Smith, the latest indictment owes to a certain Fani Willis. Behold, the legal genius of dubious literacy selected to be the latest instrument to criminalize any questioning of the 2020 election and neutralize Biden’s opposition for 2024.

As we pointed out in a previous piece, the language of the last indictment made it clear that Trump is essentially being criminally charged for Election Denial. That is, at its core, the previous federal indictment against Trump amounts to criminalizing Trump’s First Amendment protected public statements challenging the integrity of the 2020 election. Remarkably, the indictment accuses Trump of “knowingly lying” in making such statements—not because Jack Smith has any special mind reading ability, but because Trump was informed by such authoritative sources as Mike Pence, the Director of National Intelligence, and officials from the Department of Homeland Security’s disgraced CISA.


According to the DOJ, Trump knew his election claims were false because he had been advised otherwise by “people in the best position to know the facts,” and those people include Mike Pence, senior DOJ officials, the Director of National Intelligence, DHS’ CISA, and others. In other words, Trump must have believed his claims of election fraud were false because he was told otherwise by people he should have trusted, like the very same establishment snakes and intelligence community operatives who demonstrably worked to sabotage his Presidency since day one. That’s one hell of a theory!

The DOJ’s decision to invoke CISA as an authority is especially outrageous given that this agency was recently exposed for engaging in and then attempting to cover up rampant unconstitutional censorship leading up to the 2020 election.

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This latest indictment from Fulton County similarly amounts to charging Trump with mafia-style felonies for the crime of questioning the results of the 2020 election. And like the previous indictment, Georgia’s finest couldn’t help but add a special twist that would cause Orwell himself to drop dead from embarrassment. As with the previous indictment, the Georgia case charges Trump with a conspiracy. In conspiracy law, there are things called “overt acts” which may in themselves be innocent and legal but become illicit insofar as they are determined to further an illegal conspiracy. For instance, if a terrorist is charged with a conspiracy to blow up a building in New York, the terrorist in question purchasing a map of New York, or renting a van, could be considered “overt acts” in furtherance of the terrorist conspiracy, even though purchasing a map or renting a van independently are perfectly legal activities.

Ever eager to twist and contort the boundaries of the law, the flexibility inherent in conspiracy law is a perfect tool for malicious abuse on the part of corrupt and politically weaponized prosecutors. In the Fulton County case, the prosecutor attempts to criminalize First Amendment speech, including Trump’s tweets, by considering them as “overt acts” in furtherance of Trump’s alleged plan to overturn the Georgia election results. As a consequence, the Georgia indictment registers the following tweets as effectively illegal in the context of this ridiculous conspiracy charge.

That’s right, calling on supporters to watch conservative news channel OANN is an “overt act” and therefore essentially illegal in this context according to Fulton County DA’s office!

Here are some more “illegal” tweets according to the indictment:

And still some more:

It is clear that the corrupt regime thinks it can bury Donald Trump in indictments and unseat him from his current status as the GOP frontrunner for the 2024 election. Part of the package in such indictments of course is the precedent that questioning the regime’s illegal efforts at election interference is itself now effectively a criminal act that will be charged.

The notion that the Biden regime directly, and Biden-aligned Democrat state prosecutors, could use their politically weaponized justice departments to charge a political rival is indeed the stuff of corrupt third-world Regimes, and yet it is now a conspicuous and celebrated feature of allegedly free democratic societies in the West. Not just in the United States, but also in Germany, where the government is now attempting to criminalize its rising right wing party AfD. Germany and the United States have thus joined Brazil, which has legally prevented Bolsonaro from running for office, and Pakistan, whose corrupt military establishment has arrested its beloved populist leader Imran Khan. With such developments, the distinction between the West and the third world evaporates, with the supposed “third world” at least maintaining the advantages of an affordable cost of living and low obesity rates.

Something tells us the Regime is still not done handing down phony politicized indictments against Trump, and they’re saving the biggest for last. Stay tuned for the possibility of a superseding indictment from Jack Smith charging Trump with felony Seditious Conspiracy. Whatever happens, we’ll be ready to provide the best coverage and analysis. Stay tuned: this banana boat ride is about to get very choppy.