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Recently, 2024 GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy took a blowtorch and crisped the left’s climate fantasy. It was quite a remarkable sight. As you know, the left’s fascination with weaponizing the weather is quite dangerous. Yet, you’ve got to hand it to them—their approach is ingenious, leveraging the perpetual presence of uncontrollable weather. Weather is unpredictable, constantly shifting, and capable of causing extreme damage or even death. These attributes make weather – some mysterious menace who can cause so much harm, an ideal weapon. The weather is conveniently depicted as a god-like entity that demands sacrifices and offerings in exchange  for survival. For many on the left, the Earth’s climate becomes a sort of deity, and a religion, and within this culture radicals and fanatics are created and groomed. However, for politicians, weather has become a tool to control the masses and a convenient excuse to advance their agendas. This is precisely what a very confused Joe Biden is trying to do, as we speak.


Joe Biden incorrectly claimed in an interview with The Weather Channel that he has already declared a national emergency on the climate crisis.

“I’ve already done that,” Biden said when asked whether he intends to do declare a climate emergency. “We’ve conserved more land, we’ve rejoined the Paris Climate Accords, we’ve passed the $368 billion climate control facility. We’re moving. It is the existential threat to humanity.”

When pressed again on whether he had actually declared a national emergency, Biden said: “Practically speaking, yes.”

While Biden has taken a series of significant legislative and executive steps to combat climate change, he has stopped short of declaring a national emergency, which would unlock sweeping new federal authorities and funds to combat the climate crisis. Climate activists have called on Biden since the earliest days of his presidency to declare a national emergency.

Pressed about Biden’s claim, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Wednesday that Biden was referring to his decision last year to invoke the Defense Production Act to spur production of clean energy technologies.

“What the president was talking about is the Defense Production Act. That’s something he did very early on,” Jean-Pierre said on “CNN This Morning.”

Defense Production Act authorities are unrelated to a national emergency declaration, which would give Biden power to restrict the export of crude oil and end offshore drilling, among other authorities.

A White House official added that Biden “was clear in the interview, as he has been for decades, about the existential threat of climate change and the urgency and priority he places on addressing it.”

Despite their efforts, the weather isn’t aligning with the Climate Cult’s narrative. Unfortunately for them, none of their doomsday predictions have materialized. For decades, they’ve been warning us that the world will come to an end within eight to ten years unless we adopt some very particular measures—which coincidentally, always align with left-wing political agendas.

Well, Vivek appeared on the podcast “Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar” on Apple Podcasts, where he delivered one of the biggest death blows to the climate cult we’ve ever seen. And it was all backed by solid facts rather than junk science, fear tactics, or political manipulation. It was truly one of the most impactful dismantlings we’ve seen. As Vivek artfully points out, the climate disaster death rate has actually declined by a jaw-dropping 98 percent. And why has this happened, you may be wondering? Well, as Vivek explains, it’s all due to fossil fuels.

Talk about an “inconvenient truth,” right?

Coming up with a solid comeback is impossible after that truth bomb. With one simple yet undeniable fact, Vivek dismantled decades of falsehoods, and untangled years of cruel and unnecessary fear-mongering and doomsday predictions.

Even worse for the climate cult is the fact that a lot of extreme weather this year was likely caused by last year’s massive volcanic eruption.

The effect on the climate may even last 5 to 10 more years.


The violent eruption of Tonga’s Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano injected an unprecedented amount of water directly into the stratosphere — and the vapor will stay there for years, likely affecting the Earth’s climate patterns, NASA scientists say.


The huge amount of water will likely raise temperatures

Earlier large volcanic eruptions have affected climate, but they usually cool temperatures, because they send light-scattering aerosols into the stratosphere. Those aerosols act as a sort of massive layer of sunscreen. But since water vapor traps heat, the Tongan eruption could temporarily raise temperatures a bit, the researchers said.

It normally takes around 2-3 years for sulfate aerosols from volcanoes to fall out of the stratosphere. But the water from the Jan. 15 eruption could take 5-10 years to fully dissipate.

Given that timeframe and the extraordinary amount of water involved, Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai “may be the first volcanic eruption observed to impact climate not through surface cooling caused by volcanic sulfate aerosols, but rather through surface warming,” the researchers said in their paper.