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Oliver Anthony is the name we know him by. He’s the viral music sensation from Virginia who wrote the overnight hit “Rich Men North of Richmond,” a song that’s struck a chord with the American working man and become an anthem against Washington, D.C. political elites.

By all accounts, Mr. Anthony seems to be a patriotic, Christian young man leading a simple life filled with hard work and faith. He’s transitioned from factory work to outside sales and clearly has a passion and talent for music. Yet, beyond these facts, we don’t know much about Mr. Anthony. That is, until now.

The artist goes by “Oliver,” but that’s not his actual name. He recently took to Facebook to open up about his real identity. He’s shared how this unexpected fame has affected his life, both in thrilling and daunting ways. Oliver has also offered some candid insights into his faith, music, the opportunities coming his way, and his intentions for this sudden success. It’s a captivating tale with some truly unexpected twists and turns.

Here’s a closeup of Christopher’s Facebook post.



After reading that post, many people found themselves loving and supporting him even more. It’s funny how life works — you never know who God might send your way to mend hearts and bring people together.