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We at Revolver News are proud to have oriented the national discussion of January 6 to include a critical focus on the likely role of provocateurs and government actors in what is now appropriately termed the “Fedsurrection.” The smoking guns of this Fedsurrection remain the curious case of Ray Epps and the clear cover-up job and hoax associated with the so-called January 6 Pipe Bombs.

Apart from Ray Epps and the Pipe Bomb, however, we have reported on the actions of other key players in January 6th whose behavior warrants extreme suspicion. For instance, there is the bizarre case of an as of yet unindicted, unidentified man known to researchers as #Fencecutterbulwark.

Take a look at this man coolly and methodically cutting down and then rolling up “restricted area” fencing around the Capitol lawn. He had no Trump gear on, and made sure to wear dark sunglasses on a cloudy day. He was not angry. He was dispassionate, calm, and professional, like he was just there to do a job.


Here’s another picture to make perfectly clear what he was doing, and how strange and methodical it was:

The significance of the fact that this individual was removing fencing before Trump’s speech was over, and thus before the crowd listening to Trump headed over to the Capitol, cannot be overstated. Ordinarily, the grounds surrounding the Capitol are not restricted, and it was only due to the fact that police erected barriers and fencing for January 6th that those entering the thereby designated restricted zone could be charged with “trespassing.”

By removing the barrier fencing before the massive crowds arrived at the Capitol, individuals like Fencecutterbulwark were effectively creating one of the nation’s largest legal booby traps in history, inviting thousands of people to unwittingly cross into the restricted zone whereupon they became vulnerable to indictments for “trespassing.” And this is not a theoretical booby trap either. Earlier this year we reported how the Department of Justice maneuvered its way from an initial trespassing charge to a felony conviction to punish Green Beret Jeremy Brown, whom the Justice Department wanted to get even with for exposing the government’s efforts to recruit him as an informant and potential provocateur prior to January 6th.

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To reiterate, Fencecutterbulwark remains unindicted. In fact, the FBI does not even appear to even be looking for him. He is wholly absent from the FBI Capitol “Most Wanted List.” There is no reward for information leading to his arrest.

Despite the DOJ and FBI’s interest in this key player methodically cutting fencing demarcating the secured perimeter, online research communities have stayed on the case, compiling documentation of Fencecutterbulwark’s behavior.

One of the most telling things about Fencecutterbulwark is that he is photographed pre-positioned right at the initial decisive “Ray Epps Breach Site” as early as 12:31 p.m., a full 20 minutes before the breach kicked off. He was doing nothing except looking out past the fencing he would later take down.

Fencecutterbulwark wasn’t the only exceedingly suspicious figure who just happened, surely by sheer coincidence, to be pre-posted right at the initial breech site well before Trump’s speech ended, well before the breech began, and well before the Proud Boys even arrived at the site — which is significant because the official version of events claims that the initial breech all began when the Proud Boys arrived at the site at 12:48 p.m.


The official January 6 story, as parroted by the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and HBO, is that the Proud Boys’ arrival at the Peace Monument at 12:48 p.m. is what sparked a sudden breach. But the fact that FenceCutterBulwark and other key operators (until now ignored by mainstream media) were already waiting in place while the Proud Boys’ were still a mile away eating lunch suggests a more sinister possibility: foreknowledge of an imminent breach at this exact location.

Indeed, attentive readers who study the image above will note that the individual sitting just feet away from Fencecutterbulwark in a blue hat and pulled-down face mask is none other than the most notoriously mysterious figure of the entire January 6 Fedsurrection — another unidentified, unindicted figure known only as “Scaffold Commander.” We’ll have more to say about ScaffoldCommander in a forthcoming piece. For now, consult below to refresh your memory:

It is unfortunate that neither Fencecutterbulwark nor ScaffoldCommander has been identified. It is our belief that the positive identification of either would fully expose the Fedsurrection for what it is, conclusively, and be the most scandalous story in the nation.

Though Fencecutter hasn’t yet been identified, there is a significant development that only intensifies the suspicions and questions we’ve raised above. January 6 researcher and defendant known as “FreeStateWill” recently published a thread on Twitter indicating that Fencecutter bulwark was positioned in very close proximity to, and even interacted with, a known undercover police officer.

This isn’t the most bizarre thing, either. Rather, it is the nature of the interaction that is truly bizarre. According to FreeStateWill, the undercover officer known as Roe said “appreciate it brother” as he witnessed Fencecutterbulwark removing fencing in the manner described above. Curious indeed.

Revolver has not been able to view the video in question that would depict the verbal exchange, as it is currently under a sensitive protective order issued by the court (strange, isn’t it?). Nonetheless, the still images above support FreeStateWill’s narrative of the exchange, which we hope will be made public as soon as possible as it is in the public interest.

That an undercover officer not only witnessed Fencecutterbulwark in action, but thanked him for his service, reinforces how bizarre it is that Fencecutter has not only not been identified, but that neither the FBI nor the DOJ seem to be interested in him. In all likelihood they were hoping the public wouldn’t notice him to begin with, and second to that, were hoping that the public would forget Revolver’s initial reporting.

Well, we haven’t forgotten. And we won’t stop until these individuals have been identified and the Fedsurrection hoax exposed in all its ugly details.