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Every so often, our legal system surprises us and manages to prioritize justice and the law over politics and activism, a welcome break from what we’ve come to expect, right? That’s precisely what unfolded in a recent First Amendment case in Washington, D.C. The case involved a pro-life group that wanted to chalk a pro-life message on a sidewalk. They were denied this right even though BLM supporters had been allowed to use spray paint to leave their mark on public property. Fortunately, the case found its way to the D.C. Court of Appeals, and the pro-life group emerged victorious. All thanks to judges committed to genuine justice. Quite refreshing, isn’t it?

Here what legal eagle Mike David had to say about the surprise ruling in a tweet:


Cheers to DC Circuit Judges Neomi Rao (appointed by Trump) and Michelle Childs (a principled liberal who Biden should’ve appointed to the Supreme Court instead of Ketanji Brown Jackson) for their important First Amendment ruling.

For months, DC let BLM protesters spray paint and deface public and private property with “Black Lives Matter,” “Defund the Police,” and other graffiti.

At the same time, DC arrested a small group of pro-life protesters for their one-time use of washable chalk to write “Black Pre-Born Lives Matter” on a public sidewalk.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit (second highest court in the land) correctly held the pro-life protesters can sue DC for viewpoint discrimination for DC’s policy or practice of selective enforcement of DC’s criminal code on graffiti, in violation of the First Amendment.

This is an important warning to woke Democrat politicians across America:

You will face significant civil liability, if you have policies or practices of arresting or not arresting Americans based upon our political viewpoints.

Here’s a closeup of the images Mike shared on X.


Now, what many are asking is this: how can we ensure the same kind of fair and lawful justice for individuals like the January 6th defendants or Douglass Mackey, who was recently convicted of conspiracy for sharing an anti-Hillary meme on Twitter?  Stepping into a U.S. courtroom shouldn’t feel like rolling the dice, praying you don’t end up with an activist judge in judicial robes. Both sides should expect an even playing field, as it should be.

The problem is that our courtrooms have become arenas for political activism. Once that happens, all rules seem to fly out the window. We end up in a situation  where sitting “presidents” attempt to interfere in elections by throwing their opponents in prison for the rest of their lives. It should be standard practice and the norm for all judges to do the right thing. However, thanks to radical leftists, encountering a Democrat-appointed judge who acts impartially is as rare as spotting Bigfoot in the wild.