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The mystery surrounding the Nord Stream Pipeline bombing remains unsolved, and interestingly, there’s a widespread belief among some analysts that the U.S. may have been involved in some capacity. And contrary to what some might argue, this isn’t some wild conspiracy theory. As a matter of fact, a rather distinguished military figure has suggested that the United States could bear a degree of responsibility for the attack. This bombshell revelation emerged when retired US General Stanley Allen McChrystal, who led the Joint Special Operations from 2003 to 2008, inadvertently got busted on a hot mic.

Here’s what General McChrystal says in the clip:

BREAKING: Footage obtained by Valuetainment captures General Stan McChrystal (Ret.) confirming neither Russia or Ukraine blew up the Nord Stream pipeline.

“United States made more money off that deal than anybody else.”

The general’s observations are indeed damning, but he’s not alone in believing that Russia isn’t to blame. In fact, Revolver’s own Dr. Darren Beattie recently made the case for why Russia couldn’t possibly have conducted this act of self-sabotage. After all, they’re still dealing with significant fallout and ramifications from the infrastructure loss on a pretty intense level.

Another theory floating around and getting a great deal of traction is that Ukraine was behind the attack, and if that was the case, it only makes sense that the US was involved in some capacity.

Voice of Europe

The Trails Lead in One Direction – to Ukraine. A year ago, a secret team destroyed the Nord Stream gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea. Investigations are focused on determining who is responsible. An old sailing boat named “Andromeda” appears to play a crucial role. Experts are examining whether this was an attack on Germany and whether it holds political consequences, as reported by Spiegel.

The “Andromeda” is a run-down vessel. It was used to sabotage the pipelines. Investigations are delicate and classified due to high stakes. Suspicions surround the perpetrators, but there’s no clear evidence. The inquiries are intricate and involve intelligence agencies from different nations.

Debates arise over whether the attack constitutes an act of war, whether Ukraine or other countries were involved, and if the US had any role. Vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure security are concerning. These attacks could set a precedent for others. Investigations are challenging, but some clues point towards Ukraine.

Theories suggest the action might be a deliberate misdirection. Some doubt Ukraine’s involvement. The story resembles a spy thriller with numerous secrets and conspiracies. An old sailing boat named “Andromeda” takes center stage. Investigators found evidence on the boat indicating the presence of explosives.

Investigators are convinced that “Andromeda” holds a pivotal link to the crime. This could mark a turning point in the Nord Stream case. Uncovering the truth is crucial, given the potentially significant global repercussions.

Back in February award-winning journalist Seymour Hersh published a report claiming the USA carried out the attack on Nord Stream. This claim sparked outrage across the pond.

Kanekoa the Great:

European MP Mick Wallace condemns USA attack on Russia’s Nord Stream pipeline:

“Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh just published a report that presents detailed claims that on President Biden’s orders, the US, with Norway’s help, blew up the Nord Stream pipelines.”

“This was a premeditated terrorist attack on European critical infrastructure. It was also environmental terrorism. Does the EU care?”

“Hersh says the US did it. Did you ask him? Has the EU become so subservient to the US empire that you can’t even ask them if they did it? You are a f***ing joke.”

Is the USA implicated in the attack? Obviously, we can’t say for certain, but Dr. Beattie and others believe there might be a connection and that is very compelling.