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Remember when streaming first hit the scene? It feels like just yesterday when folks decided to ditch cable and build their own personal entertainment haven, cherry-picking only what they wanted to see. After all, who wasn’t tired of paying for channels like CNN and others they never tuned into? Streaming was a genius idea, letting people build their own entertainment menu for less than the cost of cable. Ah, yes, those were the good ol’ days when streaming subscriptions were just a few bucks, but my, how times have changed, right?

Now, with prices soaring, streaming’s costing an arm and a leg. In many cases, it’s a lot more than cable. And what are we getting for it? Most of the time, it’s just woke, trashy content that promotes everything from Satanism to pedophilia, or aims to confuse kids about their gender. Talk about a turn for the worse. So, is anyone shocked that streaming’s lost its sparkle?

The New York Times:

Christopher Claflin, a well-known TikTok personality, dissected the situation, shedding light on what’s truly happening with these streaming services and explaining why the once-thriving industry met such a rapid demise.

In truth, streaming has become the poster child for the whole “Get Woke, Go Broke” debacle. Big players like Netflix and Disney really shot themselves in the foot. They cozied up to political figures like the Obamas and radical groups like the LGBTQ+++ and used their influence to push social and political messages. All the while, they lost sight of what people signed up for in the first place: quality entertainment without breaking the bank.

Giant Freaking Robot:

Netflix Inc. shares experienced their largest decline this year due to a projected third-quarter revenue that missed Wall Street’s expectations, implying that the company’s recent strategies, such as password-sharing restrictions and a new advertising plan, have not yet boosted sales growth as predicted.

No wonder customers have been abandoning ship by the masses. These streaming services now find themselves stuck with an armful of unpopular, smutty shows and documentaries that nobody asked for.

TV Answer Man:

For the last 3-5 years, major entertainment companies have invested in streaming as if it was the answer to all corporate ills, principally the decline of the cable/satellite industry which has feathered their nests with carriage fees for two decades. But company executives have finally realized that streaming was fool’s gold, something that looks great from afar but whose value shrinks when you actually start using it. Rather than replace those shrinking carriage fees, streaming has just drained more capital from corporate coffers. The costs of acquiring and creating original programming, marketing in a highly competitive category, and maintaining streaming’s complex technology have far exceeded subscription revenue.

So the executives, led by Warner Bros Discovery CEO David Zaslav, are now tasked at reining in their monsters and making them turn a profit.

Christopher Claflin, a very popular TikTok personality, took a deep-dive into the streaming debacle and revealed what’s really happening with these services and why the once-thriving industry met such a rapid demise.


Streaming services are now worse than cable used to be. Change my mind. The entire business model is about bringing as much cash out of the pockets of subscribers as possible, and now every single production studio and entertainment group thinks that they can offer their own version of garbage and get money out of people for it. The space is unsustainable and it’s shocking how somethings so disruptive came full circle to being mediocre and overpriced. #streamingwars #netflix #disneyplus #entertainment #news #streamingservices

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Americans are yearning for wholesome, excellent programming and are more than willing to pay for it. Had these streaming companies actually provided what people wanted instead of pushing radical left-wing ideologies and smut content, they might have had a fighting chance.