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The regime puppets in Georgia are downright giddy after indicting President Trump. The DA was even yucking it up at her press conference after she called for President Trump, the current frontrunner in the 2024 election, to “surrender.”

What they’re doing is election interference and collusion.


Hillary Clinton is evidently thrilled about the recent indictment, as is propaganda artist Rachel Maddow. Both women, and countless other Dems, have spent over five years spreading countless untruths about the legitimacy of the election. Hillary even PAID a lot of money to spread election lies in the form of a fake Russian dossier.

Now they’re laughing that the leading candidate for the 2024 election is being unfairly attacked by a politicized and weaponized justice system. These two cackling idiots think it’s funny that the U.S. now resembles North Korea, and voters no longer have a voice. That’s how much these elites hate you.

While the left is busy getting high on their own supply, thinking they’ve finally found the “silver bullet” to eliminate President Trump once in for all, and reveling in their supposed victory, the American people are watching in horror at this tyrannical power grab. Poll after poll shows that Americans see these unjust and unethical attacks on Trump as purely politically motivated, which is likely why Trumps 2024 poll numbers are climbing. They’re about to go even higher if Georgia moves ahead with its next plan. According the regime puppets in Georgia, they intend to force Trump, a former U.S. President who donated his salary to charity, to pose for a mugshot. It’s an image they hope to spread far and wide in an effort to demean and humiliate him.

The left is once again misjudging the pulse of the nation. That photo could very well cement Trump’s 2024 victory, and no amount of cheating or ballot harvesting will rescue them this time.