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The strongest, bravest, and best attorney general in the United States was benched by the regime. Loyal Trump adviser Stephen Miller just published a post arguing that a Republican Attorney General could indict Biden and Mayorkas for human trafficking. While he may be correct, as many have noted, the one individual with the courage to take such action, Texas AG Ken Paxton, has been sidelined. After members of his own party turned on him, Paxton was impeached on twenty counts, removing him from the game.

Here’s what Stephen Miller had to say last week:

Here are the responses from folks online:

I believe the Bush’s are behind the Paxton impeachment.”

All the AG’s are watching what’s happening to Paxton, and saying “No thanks.”

“Ken Paxton would but has has an impeachment trial.”

“I’m sure Biden already thought of that and that’s why he had Paxton impeached.”

“Republicans are cowards. The only guy with the balls to fight is getting impeached right now.”

They’re definitely right on one thing — Ken Paxton is probably the only Attorney General courageous enough to challenge the regime. If he was able, would he go after Biden and Mayorkas right now? Of course he would. This is the guy who sued the Biden administration many different times, including for forcing abortions in Texas and also over a phone app that increased illegal immigration into the country. In fact, Paxton has taken legal action against the Biden administration more than twenty times. Now, Ken finds himself unable to stop the tyranny that’s flowing like lava through Main Street USA, destroying everything in its path. Coincidence? Maybe, but most conservatives don’t buy it. They think this was a planned move from the regime that was carried out by the uniparty.

If you want to help Ken Paxton, get on the phone and  respectfully speak out.