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After two years of research, the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension has completed a new study that brings to light some troubling revelations regarding the information we were fed by the media and government officials about George Floyd’s death. This study debunks nearly every  mainstream narrative and exposes a higher rate of unlawful behavior among blacks compared to whites in the state of Minnesota. Shockingly, it also points out the preferential treatment that black criminals often receive in comparison to their white criminals.

Fox News:

In 2021, for the first time, the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension began documenting the race of criminal offenders in all crimes reported in the state.  Using the 911 call as the starting point instead of the arrest offers the unique ability to focus analysis of race based criminal justice system performance on offenders rather than on “per capita” data sets of uninvolved law-abiding citizens.  The difference is significant, given 98 percent of white and 85 percent of black Minnesotans are law abiding.

In our new report titled Dispelling the Myth of Unwarranted Racial Disparities in Minnesota’s Criminal Justice System, Center of the American Experiment is one of the first to use this new data set in an analysis of Minnesota’s criminal justice system. Offender data and other traditional data sets were used in an analysis which compared white and black adult offenders as they moved through Minnesota’s criminal justice system in 2021.

The study reveals a troubling truth — our government officials and media have once again been deceiving us. Contrary to their claims, there isn’t a “war” on black people, and they are not being disproportionately targeted. Surprisingly, the study shows that black criminals are treated better than white criminals and face less severe consequences.

The analysis found that contrary to the established narrative, Minnesota’s criminal justice system does not create unfair or disparate outcomes for black offenders.  In fact, from arrests to charges, sentences, and incarceration, white offenders received more certain and more punitive outcomes.

Examination of the 2021 data showed that blacks represented nine times more criminal offenders overall and ten times more serious offenders (those most likely to receive a prison sentence) than whites.  If Minnesota’s criminal justice system was systemically unjust and biased, it would stand to reason those ratios would have worsened for black offenders at each subsequent stage of the criminal justice system. But they didn’t – they improved.  In direct conflict with the prevailing narrative, the disparities that followed criminal offenders through the system were frequently more favorable to black offenders and less favorable to white offenders at every stage including incarceration.

The study also reveals that George Floyd’s home state, which was trashed and burned to the ground in his name, is not “unfair” or “prejudiced” towards blacks.

Our report definitively shows that in Minnesota, the home state of George Floyd, the criminal justice system is not an unjust system purposefully or even poorly designed to inflict harsher penalties on black Minnesotans.  It is a system that deals with grossly disproportionate numbers of black offenders at the outset.  Deflecting attention away from this fact, and gutting accountability in a misguided effort to address “disparities” only subjects black communities to continued disproportionately high levels of crime.

As we witnessed with the COVID fear-mongering, the regime-run media’s mission is to stoke fear and spread lies that lead to confusion, hate, division, and even violence. When that happens, it’s “mission accomplished,” and when the real truth comes out, they ignore it, and move on to the next made-up crisis.

Read the full report from Fox News here…