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There was a time when many believed that mega companies like Disney, Bud Light, and Netflix were too massive to face any downfall. Americans were accustomed to accepting their BS without question because they were considered untouchable giants, that us lowly peasants had no real power over.  However, 2023 changed the game entirely. This year, the silent majority united and made it clear who truly holds the power. Bud Light and Disney, known for promoting the trans and LGBTQ religion, have taken the hardest hits. The situation has become so dire for Bud Light that its distributors have given up hope on the brand, believing it may will recover.

The New York Post:

Many Anheuser-Busch distributors say they are resigned to their painful Bud Light losses — and that they have given up on luring back disaffected customers following the Dylan Mulvaney fiasco, The Post has learned.

After four months of hiring freezes and layoffs — with some beer truck drivers getting heckled and harassed even as Bud Light sales have dropped by more than 25% — Anheuser-Busch wholesalers have accepted that they have lost a chunk of their customers for good — and need to focus on a new crop of drinkers.

“Consumers have made a choice,” said an executive at a Texas-based beer distributor who did not want to be identified. “They have left [Bud Light] and that’s how it’s going to be. I don’t envision a big percentage of them coming back.”

Sales of other Anheuser-Busch beers including Budweiser, Michelob Ultra and Busch Light also have been in decline since Bud Light’s marketing tie-up with transgender influencer Mulvaney.

What’s more, those lost customers have likely found that Bud Light’s competitors, including Coors Light and Miller Lite, “are a very similar product.”

Winning the beer wars comes down to “whoever is best at marketing,” the executive said.

Things haven’t gotten any better for Disney. Their last three “woke” feature films were absolute flops.

The New York Post:

Megyn Kelly said that The Walt Disney Company’s emphasis on “wokeness” has cost it nearly $1 billion at the box office due to “flops” such as “Lightyear,” “The Little Mermaid” and “Elemental.”

Kelly devoted a segment of Thursday’s SiriusXM podcast “The Megyn Kelly Show” to a YouTube report that claimed the Mouse House lost $900 million on its last eight feature films, several of which include prominent “woke” characters.

“The people are not buying this content,” Kelly said during her podcast on Thursday.

“They don’t want this content.”

Kelly noted that media giants Disney, Netflix and Warner Bros. Discovery have all seen their heads of diversity leave their jobs.

Not to mention, attendance is down at their over-priced parks. It seems parents don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to have their children “groomed” into pint-sized soldiers for the trans army. Who knew? However, Bud and Disney aren’t the only dinosaurs to fall. Over in the corner, there’s another mega company experiencing a slow and painful demise, and they don’t want you to know about it – that company is Netflix. John Nolte, a writer at Breitbart, recently published a piece on Netflix, shedding light on how the company is discreetly scrambling to steer clear of a Disney/Bud-type backlash after their own “woke” and “groomer” push attracted significant criticism years ago, and now in 2023, the year the public has finally had enough.

Netflix, in a desperate bid to discover a new revenue source and appeal to customers they wouldn’t have attracted with their higher monthly rates, attempted a new approach that failed miserably.


The development comes shortly after Netflix reported disappointing quarterly revenue figures that sent shares of the woke streamer tumbling last week. Executives said the ad-supported service has thus far failed to generate “material” financial results for the company.

Netflix is now offering advertisers a range of lower prices, with some recent deals being struck at $39 to $45 per 1,000 viewers, down from $45 to $55, the Wall Street Journal reported. In addition, Netflix has held preliminary talks to sell ads through other parties besides Microsoft, which was the streamer’s exclusive ad-tech partner.

Microsoft had guaranteed Netflix a minimum level of advertising revenue, and is now compelled to pay Netflix the maximum penalty allowed by the contract, the Journal reported.

Netflix debuted the new service — which costs $6.99 a month — in November, hoping the introduction of commercials would juice overall corporate revenue. The streamer even eliminated its cheapest traditional plan, which cost $10 a month, in the apparent hopes of shifting more subscribers to the ad-supported plan.

But the new service has thus far underwhelmed both consumers and Wall Street.

Netflix can easily turn things around by not pushing out controversial content like “Cuties” and shows with devil-worshiping themes. Instead, they should focus on producing clever, interesting, and family-friendly content that appeals to a broader audience. However, their refusal to do this may land them in the 2023 backlash crosshairs.

As Breitbart News reported, the streamer recently failed to make viewership targets and as a result, found itself in the embarrassing position of giving money back to advertisers. In some cases, Netflix has only delivered roughly 80 percent of the expected audience.

Netflix is counting on advertising revenue to lift its financial fortunes after a rough 2022 that saw the streamer bleed subscribers for an unprecedented two consecutive quarters.

Now, if only we could find a way to convince conservatives to part ways with disgraced Fox News, we’d truly be in the driver’s seat. However, for some reason, the bond between the right and the turncoats at Fox News is the toughest nut to crack.