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Ever since the Republican debate, we’ve heard from the same cast of Establishment characters the same things, over and over again. President Trump made a mistake in skipping the debate. Nikki Haley “owned” Vivek Ramaswamy. Mike Pence was the “adult” in the room. Vivek Ramaswamy was too “robotic.” Trump can’t skip the debate, because if Trump skips debates, then Biden will too!

We all knew deep down in our gut that this was all just utter nonsense, BS, and spin from the same old GOP grifters representing the donor class and the military-industrial complex. Well, we don’t have to ponder any more, because there’s a brand new poll from the enemies of Trump, the Murdoch-owned New York Post, that confirms what we all knew happened in that debate.

Establishment Narrative #1: President Trump made a mistake in skipping the debate

We all know that President Trump didn’t make a “mistake” in skipping the debate — jumping into the ring with those Lilliputians would only diminish his own standing. And, voila, according to the New York Post poll, 63 percent of Republicans (and a plurality of all Americans) agree that President Trump made the right move in skipping the debate, and only 17 percent of Republicans disagree.

Establishment Narrative #2: The debate is super important

We all had a sense that the debate was just a clown show and a bit of cheap theater. The whole spectacle was far, far from any sort of Lincoln-Douglas affair. So in that sense, we all understood deep down that the debate didn’t really matter all that much. Well, presto, the New York Post validated that conviction. According to the poll, 47 percent of Republicans didn’t even bother watching the trainwreck, 17 percent only watched clips, and only 20 percent watched the whole thing.

Establishment Narrative #3: Nikki Haley won and she destroyed Vivek Ramaswamy

We also all know, while no one really stood out that much, Vivek Ramaswamy did well, and contra Frank Luntz, Nikki Haley definitely didn’t win the debate. Well, according to the New York Post, there were no real standouts, but Vivek did barely edge out DeSantis, and Nikki Haley came in a distant fourth. Furthermore, Mike Pence, who the liberal media called the “adult” in the room, did not distinguish himself either coming in a distant third.

Establishment Narrative #4: President Trump will pay a price in the polls for skipping the debate

Deep down in our hearts we knew that the only real winner of this debate was the runaway frontrunner: Donald Trump. And boy, did the New York Post validate our hunch. In the New York Post post-debate poll, Trump absolutely crushes and obliterates the field, scoring over 60 percent while no one else in the field even clears single digits.

Establishment Narrative #5: President Trump may win the primary, but he’s a surefire loser in the general election

We all know deep down that despite what Establishment Republicans say, President Trump has the best chance out of anyone in the GOP of beating Joe Biden — partially because Trump is one of the few Republicans who can go up into the Midwest and win states like Ohio and Iowa, and turn states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan into battleground states. No other GOP candidate has proven they can do that. And sure enough, the New York Post poll shows President Trump with a three-point lead over Joe Biden — and he’s crushing Biden in the Midwest.

So there you have it: the entire Establishment Republican narrative destroyed — and by a poll they funded, no less.