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In the past week or so, Mike Pence has managed to unveil a level of betrayal even more evil than many had initially realized. It’s almost as if he has grown tired of wearing a fake mask of wholesomeness and “Christian” virtue and has now unveiled his true, malevolent self to the world. As a result, Mike is now facing a great deal of backlash and anger. One of the most significant blows yet came from his former National Security Advisor, General Keith Kellogg. In a statement, Kellogg essentially labeled Pence as an establishment puppet and a coward while praising Trump’s former leadership and pledging support for his 2024 candidacy.

This statement from General Kellogg is impactful and very meaningful because he worked so closely in the Swamp with Pence.

Keith Kellogg in the East Room of the White House

But it’s not just General Kellogg who’s noticed this greater shift to the dark side from Mike Pence. Angry New Hampshire voters confronted Mike Pence, asking him, “Why did you sell us out.”

Regardless of whatever “constitutional” excuses Mike may offer, the truth remains that he was fully aware of his actions and was complicit in the plot.

At this point, Mike can’t do or say anything without being called out and chastised. Mike Pence recently took a veiled shot at Vivek Ramaswamy’s skepticism towards the 9/11 Commission Report. You see, Mike Pence, who always seems to be looking for a pat on the head from Mummy (who is oh so proud of her good boy), has never met an establishment narrative that he hasn’t credulously swallowed whole in service of the regime.

Vivek Ramaswamy took to Twitter and obliterated Pence in response. Here’s what Vivek said in his explosive tweet:

.@Mike_Pence says today he was “deeply offended” that I don’t trust that the government told us the full truth in the 9/11 Commission Report. Well, I find it offensive that our government repeatedly lies to us. Here’s the TRUTH: the FBI quietly declassified documents in 2021 that definitively reveal the government lied to the public about basic facts of Saudi Arabia’s involvement in 9/11, until documents were declassified and they changed their story 20 years later.

Omar al-Bayoumi, a 42-year-old graduate student, welcomed, housed, set up bank accounts, and gave rent money to the first two Qaida hijackers after they landed in Los Angeles in January 2000. Al-Bayoumi claimed to have met the two terrorists entirely by chance: The 9/11 Commission report verified that Bayoumi’s altruism was in the name of hospitality, as he claimed.

The FBI, 20 years later, changed its story. In documents declassified last year, the Bureau affirmed that Bayoumi was in fact an agent of the Saudi intelligence service who worked with Saudi religious officials and reported to the kingdom’s powerful ambassador in Washington.

U.S. government officials continue to lie about other matters of public importance – the origin of Covid-19, knowledge about UAPs, Hunter Biden’s laptop, how our money is actually being spent in Ukraine, the Nashville trans shooter manifesto – with a complicit media that just accepts the prevailing narrative without question. This fuels rampant public distrust. There is no credible evidence that 9/11 was an “inside job,” but ironically, when the government systematically lies about Saudi involvement and the media runs interference, that lends plausibility to an otherwise unlikely claim.

There’s no such thing as a noble lie. With all due respect to the former VP, the reason the people don’t trust the government is because the government doesn’t trust the people.

In addition, thanks to Conservative Tree House, we now have a very clear timeline of what Mike Pence was up to:

2016 – Despite the efforts of the FBI, DOJ and Intelligence Community to target the outcome, in 2016 candidate Donald Trump stunningly won the election. The control mechanisms were not yet in place; DC was in a state of shock.  Mike Pence was in charge of transition team assignments.

2017 – Mike Pence takes down National Security Director Michael Flynn.  President Trump is under constant fire from the DOJ, FBI, IC and Robert Mueller et al; California hires Eric Holder to construct legal guidance for the Motor Voter process. The beta test for ballot harvesting operations.

2018 – While 36 Republican members of the House announce their departure, including Ron DeSantis (Gov run), the largest field of former intelligence community officials from the CIA and DoD are recruited by Democrats.  The 2018 midterm election results in Democrats retaking the House; California ballot harvesting (seeded by Motor Voter rolls) results in massive Republican losses in the days/weeks after election day.

2019 – With Democrats controlling the House, the Mueller investigation wrapping up, and with George W. Bush recommending Bill Barr as AG, the impeachment process begins using newly constructed CIA rules by IG Michael Atkinson (Eric Ciaramella and Alexander Vindman).

2020 – The ballot harvesting beta test goes national, thanks to COVID-19, and fundamentally alters the November 2020 election.

2021 – Mike Pence refuses to support sending delegate certification back to state legislature.

Despite the mounting backlash and fierce criticism, Mike Pence continues undeterred on his delusional “presidential run.” But things are getting sillier by the minute. A recent campaign ad features him trying to portray himself as an “average guy,” complete with fake-pumping gas into his (fake) car.

The new Republican Party has no place for establishment Mummy’s Boys like Mike Pence. He’s a relic from a bygone era, filled with secretive deals and evil plots concocted in the shadows. The cloak of “Christianity” and “good values” that once used to mask darkness and deceit is no longer acceptable. The mask is off. Good riddance to one of the biggest snakes in the Swamp.