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The people of Maui are probably feeling buyer’s remorse as they see for themselves the results of backing a career politician who seems to care more about himself and his crackhead son than the citizens he’s supposed to serve. Right now, the island is reeling from one of the most devastating fires on record, and to make matters worse, they’ve now been met with a new kind of trauma: a cold, callous response from a bumbling old man who calls himself “president.”

Biden’s handling of the Lahaina tragedy has been atrocious, at best. After smirking at questions and offering only $700 each in aid to Maui’s residents (compared to the billions he keeps sending to Ukraine), he finally arrived to “assess” the damage. The Maui locals had a clear message for him as his motorcade drove by: they greeted him with raised middle fingers and shouts of “F You.” It’s clear that Biden’s welcome in Maui was anything but warm. But truth be told, he got exactly what he deserved.

Things only spiraled downward for Joe after he turned the tragedy in Maui into a self-centered story, chattering on about a minor kitchen fire at one of his own lavish homes. After all, his ’67 Corvette almost burned to the ground! As if that weren’t enough, he even nodded off during a ceremony meant to honor those who lost their lives. And finally, Joe cracked jokes about how “hot” the ground is in Maui after so many people died there.

Ha ha ha, hot ground. Very funny. Meanwhile, as Biden yuks it up, more than one thousand children are missing and presumed incinerated.

To make matters worse, the old man couldn’t even stay awake.

Honestly, the good people of Hawaii would have been better off if this clueless narcissist had just stayed home. They didn’t even want him there in the first place.