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Have you noticed the pattern that emerges every time something bad happens to Joe Biden? It  eems that they always arrest President Trump in response. Once again, yesterday was a bad day for Joe and Hunter, and today, Trump is facing his third indictment, this time centering around January 6th.

Fox host Will Cain had this to say:

Free speech has been indicted. Read this section of the indictment. It acknowledges that Trump has the right to say, even falsely, the results were fraudulent and claim he won the election. That’s protected by the First Amendment. But the indictment says he can’t lie about election fraud. So they must prove Trump didn’t believe his speech. And then, I would think, they’d need to indict every politician who lies (need to build more jails) about election results (Clinton, Kerry, Abrams). The DOJ has criminalized politics. And because, who is to decide the truth, criminalized free speech.


This pattern of indicting Trump a day after Biden gets bad news is becoming increasingly apparent, and it has not gone unnoticed by many.

Guy Benson wrote this tweet yesterday, literally predicting what would happen today, and he was right.

Don Jr. actually tweeted out the pattern. Here’s what Jr. said:

Anyone else noticing a pattern here? The corrupt beurocrats of the Biden regime charge Trump literally the day after every single disastrous Biden crime family story. Rather than looking into the millions sent to the Biden’s their kids and their grandkids from virtually all of our enemies they go after their political enemies knowing that their lackeys in the media will use their bogus charges to cover for Joe Biden, the most corrupt president in the history of our nation. There’s no such thing as this much coincidence and if you’ve been paying attention, you will realize that we have become a banana republic. Truly disgusting.

And here’s a closeup of the image he tweeted:


The folks at Breitbart just published a piece on it.


In April, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg indicted Trump on charges related to payments in 2016 to porn star Stormy Daniels on the same day that former Biden aide Kathy Chung testified at the House Oversight Committee that the White House version of events regarding Biden’s mishandling of classified documents was wrong. In particular, the documents were not kept in a locked closet at the Penn Biden Center, and Biden’s attorneys had begun retrieving them in May 2022, not November 2022.
In June, Smith indicted Trump in Miami for allegedly retaining White House documents, including classified documents, on the same day lawmakers revealed that Joe and Hunter Biden had received payments of $5 million each from the corrupt Ukrainian energy company Burisma. The lawmakers had viewed a report, recorded on a form known as an FD-1023, in which bribes were described by a trusted FBI informant. The news was drowned out by the first, historic federal indictment of a former presidenet.
Later the same month, Smith filed a superseding indictment in the “documents” case the day after Hunter Biden’s “sweetheart” plea bargain with federal prosecutors in Delaware fell apart in court. Under the agreement, Hunter Biden was to have accepted a guilty plea for two tax misdemeanors and a diversion program for a gun violation. But the judge questioned a provision that had shielded Hunter Biden from further prosecution of his financial dealings, in which President Biden may have been involved.
On Tuesday, Smith filed his indictment against Trump relating to his attempts to contest the 2020 presidential election. The indictment came the day after former Hunter Biden business associate Devon Archer testified at the House Oversight Committee that Hunter Biden had put his father on the telephone with Hunter’s business associates; that Hunter Biden had been hired by Burisma to influence then-Vice President Joe Biden to stop a prosecutor; and that Hunter Biden had made money from China.

Many folks are noticing and  calling out this disturbing pattern:

Trump even called out the pattern:


President Trump released a statement on this third indictment:


Meanwhile, 2024 candidate  Vivek Ramaswamy is disgusted at what’s happening, and as always, stands out as one of the most vocal critics of these sham indictments, and he is also one of the few who truly grasps why Americans were frustrated on January 6th.

The latest indictment is simply a joke, as pointed out by the experts. In fact, Professor Turley and Jesse Watters read the indictment live on air and couldn’t help but laugh at its sheer stupidity. Of course, none of this is truly “funny,” but it’s a sad reflection of how our government has turned into a clown show.

Turley also referred to what the left is doing as a blatant attack on free speech, something they seem to excel at.

At this point, Constitutional lawyer Mark Levin is at a loss for words and  simply called the indictment “crap.”

A blind person could see that this is election interference on a level that we never imagined. It’s hard to believe that this sort of corruption is happening in America, but that’s how desperate these communist ghouls are to hold onto power, and how much President Trump threatens them.

Even anti-Trump independent journalist Michael Tracey is calling this indictment “insane.”

Everything about this feels very forced and rigged. It’s clear by now, that the last thing the bad guys want is Trump back in the White House.

President Trump responded to the thrid indictment, callig it what it is, a “witch hunt” and “election interference.” How we can allow this to go on in a country that is supposed to be the “land of the free” and the “home of the brave” is a questions many people must be asking themselves right now.

Dark times in Joe Biden’s America, and getting darker by the minute.