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Last month Revolver News broadcast live Dr. Darren Beattie’s interview with ousted and embattled former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. Beattie pointed out the striking parallels between Trump and Khan — both were international superstar celebrities in the 80s, both defeated two corrupt political dynasties to score an historic populist victory in the 2010s, both are hated by their respective deep states, both were ousted from power by their respective deep states, and both are facing multiple indictments from a corrupt justice department controlled by political enemies.

Beattie highlights some of these parallels in his introduction to the interview, which has now amassed over 2 million views across platforms.

Watch the full interview here:


Beattie was one of the last two journalists to interview Khan before the corrupt establishment of Pakistan arrested him and tossed him in jail on a phony corruption charge. According to our sources, Khan now languishes in a small 6×9 cell, not allowed a phone, books, newspaper, or human contact, with only insects and flies to keep him company. If the Pakistani deep state can send Pakistan’s beloved populist leader Khan to prison, surely Biden is salivating at the prospect of a similar fate for Trump.

As it turns out, the Biden regime has a direct hand in Khan’s ouster. The question of the Biden regime’s driving role in Khan’s ouster is a delicate one discussed in the most sensitive part of Beattie’s interview with Khan. Watch:

In an incredible scoop, The Intercept’s Murtaza Hussain has obtained and publicized a copy of a diplomatic cypher from Pakistan’s former ambassador confirming Biden state department’s role in pushing for the ouster of Khan.

There is currently a blackout banning reporting of this explosive leak in Pakistani media:

A few things should be said about this development. First, this is a confirmation that the Biden Administration directly and egregiously interfered in the democratic process of another country, issuing an ultimatum effectively demanding that Pakistan oust its beloved and democratically elected leader. This is a remarkable degree of hypocrisy coming from Biden, who repeatedly condemned Russia for “meddling” in U.S. elections, even going so far as to call Putin a killer and threatening that Russia will pay a price for its alleged meddling. Recall that the entire regime media seized on the narrative of Russian meddling in order to falsely undermine the legitimacy of Trump’s historic 2016 victory.

The text of the leaked cypher seems to suggest that the primary reason the Biden regime demanded Khan’s ouster was Khan’s visit to Russia shortly after Putin’s invasion of Crimea. It is hard to believe that this is the full truth, and that Khan’s visit to Russia was anything more than an aggravating factor, if not just a pretext. Indeed, the cypher acknowledges what Dr. Beattie asserted in his interview with Khan: the U.S. State Department official Donald Lu could only have issued such an ultimatum with the approval of the Biden White House and other senior officials.

The most likely culprit as the driving force behind Khan’s ouster is none other than Victoria Nuland. Nuland is currently a senior member of Biden’s State Department as Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs, and has been a seemingly permanent fixture in Washington’s foreign policy establishment. A color revolution and regime change specialist, she is perhaps most notorious for her active role in engineering the Euromaidan color revolution in Ukraine.

Victoria Nuland is most recently reported to be stirring up trouble in Africa in the wake of a recent coup against the Biden regime-backed government in Niger — though for now the coup leaders have wisely refused to meet with her.

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As it turns out, Nuland has something of a history with Imran Khan. Khan was a major critic of Obama’s drone strike policy in Pakistan, and Nuland happened to be a senior State Department Official under Obama tasked with defending this very policy!

Not only that, Nuland’s husband, Robert Kagan, is one of the intellectual architects of the Iraq War, of which Khan was an extremely prominent and vociferous critic.

Given her special motive, and her means and opportunity, she is far and away the most likely culprit behind the Biden Regime’s ouster of Khan. Ultimately the issue wasn’t about one visit to Russia on the part of Khan, but that Khan, like Trump also a vocal critic of the disastrous war in Iraq, was not going to be a pliable lap dog for the deep state. For this reason alone, the Biden regime with the assistance of their lackeys in the Pakistani military had to take him out at all costs.

Editor’s note: To see the full text of the leaked cypher from the Pakistani ambassador, see the bottom of the Intercept piece.