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Joe Biden seems to be on an extended vacation, making only occasional appearances to feign “work” before retreating back to Delaware for IV drips and comatose naps on the beach.

He’s on vacation yet again, and this getaway happens to coincide with one of the worst “natural” disasters in American history, where an entire town on Maui was turned to ash.


When asked to comment on this devastation, Biden’s cold-hearted response was to smirk and and offer no comment whatsoever. Is this Biden’s Katrina moment?

Here’s what right wing pundit and podcaster Charlie Kirk had to say about it:

Is this Joe Biden’s Katrina moment? Here’s the moment where Joe Biden couldn’t be bothered to comment on the shockingly high and growing death toll from the Maui fires.

Reports are mounting that residents were not alerted to the imminent danger, that there were not adequate emergency response teams in place, and that the devastation has exposed a failure of state and national leadership.

The death toll is currently 96, though the lack of quality intel has led some to estimate the number could reach as high as 1,000 when all the deceased are accounted for. Prayerfully those estimates will be proven untrue.

The good people of Hawaii who supported this man for president may be reconsidering their loyalty after his cold, callous response to one of the state’s most horrific tragedies.

This situation calls for an “all hands on deck”  response, where the supposed leader of the USA should be speaking out, reassuring Americans that help is on the way, and providing updates. Instead, this bumbling old man seems more preoccupied with sending our tax dollars to Ukraine and working on his tan.

Sadly, rigged elections have very serious consequences.

End Wokeness:

Biden doesn’t give a sh*t about Americans

He never visited Nashville
He never visited Waukesha
He never visited East Palestine
His response to the deadliest US wildfire in 100 years? “No comment”

He only cares about tragedies that he is able to use to take away your rights or demonize his political opponents.