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There are so many theories floating around over the Maui fires, and they range from the totally absurd to the diabolically evil. Some are political, and some are actually really logical. Many are questioning the motives of the leaders, and what they may have had to gain in all of this. We have footage of local officials bizarrely shutting down donation centers.

You can’t blame people for being suspicious. Some of the statements coming from the governor and other officials have created more questions than answers:


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Many believe all of this evidence piles up and points to one thing: A massive government “land grab” is about to take place.


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Ground News:

Hawaiian Electric, the largest power supplier in Hawaii, prioritized shifting to renewable energy sources to combat climate change instead of investing in addressing fire risk around its power lines.

John Podesta, an advisor to President Biden on clean energy, blamed climate change for the wildfire in Maui, despite the cause of the fire being unknown and reports suggesting it was fueled by invasive grass species.

Hawaiian Electric had plans to spend nearly $200 million on wildfire mitigation measures but only spent a fraction of that amount, as the company focused more on complying with state renewable energy mandates.

It turns out that Hawaiian Electric was too focused on the “climate change” religion to deal with real issues and dangers that were plaguing the island. Ground Zero continues:

The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that Hawaiian Electric, the biggest power supplier in the state, focused on shifting to renewable energy sources to combat climate change, rather than spending money to address fire risk around its power lines.

The Maui tragedy serves as yet another stark reminder of the devastating and deadly consequences of left-wing policies and agendas that threaten people, the environment, and even the planet. And after their dangerous policies epically fail, the left  shamelessly lies to cover it up so they can fundraise more money to bankroll future failed policies.

Read the full WSJ piece here…