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Tarik Johnson is a hero and former Capitol Police lieutenant with an important story to share about what really happened on January 6th. Tarik  hesitated to disclose everything he knew, fearing that no one – even Tucker Carlson – would believe him. However, on Thursday, Tarik took to Twitter to open up about his March sit-down with Tucker and reveal some of what he was once too afraid to share. Tarik has now said that Assistant Chief Pittman – a black woman – was mostly responsible for everything that happened on January 6th.

Here’s what Tarik said in his tweet:

Tucker Carlson’s show was the largest platform I’ve had to speak on to date. When I was called to do the show I was stunned. This was back in late February and I was still trying to figure out the best way to navigate through the situation.

When I got to Florida and spoke to Tucker off camera I didn’t tell him much more than he already knew. The reason was because I didn’t want to be in the center of this controversy. I just wanted to say enough to spark an investigation into the actions of Assistant Chief Yogananda Pittman and Chief J. Thomas Manger and then move on. Thinking back on it now, there was no way I could not be in the center of this and I should have just told Tucker everything I knew and let him decide what to air.

I was also concerned that Tucker would not believe me. Me (a life long Democrat who is black) claiming that Assistant Chief Pittman (a black female) was MOSTLY responsible for what occurred on J6 and that Chief Manger was brought in to cover up the horrific actions by Pittman, ensuring some who demonstrated at the Capitol that day would remain in prison (some innocent or charged more harshly than they should have been) for the purpose of ensuring the narrative of J6 remained as a bunch of red-necked, uneducated white people storming the U.S. Capitol for the purpose of insurrection. This would ensure Pittman’s failures would be charged to former President Donald J. Trump.

Had I told Tucker all of that in February I believed he would have thought I was an insane conspiracy theorist and I didn’t want to risk him not airing my segment. I’m sure there are things I could have done differently but I’ve never had to navigate through a cover-up of this magnitude. Thank you all for listening.


This incredible information comes on the heels of another bombshell. Our friends over at National Pulse managed to get their hands on the Tucker Carlson interview with the former Capitol Hill police chief – a bombshell piece that Fox News wanted to keep buried, and perhaps was the real reason they fired Tucker. In the interview, the former Capitol Hill chief revealed that J6 was a “setup,” giving everyone valid reasons to be skeptical of Ray Epps.

National Pulse:

Former Capitol Hill Police Chief Steve Sund told former Fox News host Tucker Carlson that he was not “crazy” to question the behavior of individuals present in the January 6th crowd, one of whom in particular – Ray Epps – had bragged to his friends that he “orchestrated” the entire thing, before the Democrat-run Jan 6 Committee thanked him for participating in their charade.

In never-before-seen footage published exclusively by The National Pulse, Carlson asks Sund about Epps, though without using the Arizona man’s name:

TUCKER: “So let’s go back to the role of, you said nine out of the 18 agencies in the so-called intelligence community are military, Pentagon supervised… military intel. Would they have been gathering, it sounds like they were gathering information about January 6th before it happened?”

SUND: “Well, again, for Milley and Miller, to be that concerned about, uh, about January 6th in advance, they had to be getting the intelligence from somewhere. I mean, talk about locking down Washington, D.C.? That’s a huge undertaking. Um, and again, to never, never notify me. But when you begin to sit there and wonder about…”

TUCKER: “You, you believe that they were gathering intelligence… I’m asking this because there was a very weird moment in the January 6th Committee, um, interviews and they interviewed a man who was caught on camera by a lot of people encouraging law breaking, encouraging people to to run into the Capitol to break the law… the implication was to commit violence. He has never been arrested or charged with anything. And that’s just very, very strange. You know, over 1000 people have been charged, but he has not been. And so the Committee released a statement saying we are positive he was not working with law enforcement. It seems you have to be an idiot not to assume he’s working with somebody. Why haven’t they arrested him? I mean, come on. Right. So my thought was, well, they didn’t mention military intelligence. This guy’s a veteran. Am I being crazy in wondering this?”

SUND: “No, no, you’re not [crazy]. I actually write about that person in the book. It raises concern for me, uh, his involvement. Uh, and the fact that we, we haven’t learned more. Matter of fact, I think the January 6th committee thanked him for his candor.”

In response to Joe Rogan recently discussing Epps, the Arizona man’s legal team – which includes Democrat-and-Dominion-linked lawyers – said: “The fact that people like Joe Rogan continue to propagate the lie that Ray Epps participated in a false flag operation to instigate the January 6th riots demonstrates the widespread and lasting harm that Fox News has done to Ray. Without Fox’s and Tucker Carlson’s lies, Ray would be unknown and unassailed, running his wedding venue business with his wife and enjoying the ranch he and Robyn built. Instead, Ray continues to face the destructive consequences of Fox’s decision to target him with falsehoods. Joe Rogan’s comments are just the most recent proof of the perpetual damage inflicted by Fox.”

We wish this information had surfaced much earlier, but better late than never, especially considering Biden’s unholy regime is attempting to use J6 to imprison President Trump for life. Revolver News has been leading the way in exposing the feds role in the January 6th plot. You can access our essential library of work by clicking here.