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We all held high hopes for Twitter when Elon Musk stepped in and purchased the platform. While his intentions seemed good, with his heart was in the right place, he’s quickly discovering that America may not be as free as he thought she was. When it comes down to it, the shots aren’t being called by the Constitution, but by woke companies like Apple, Amazon, and Chase. Sadly, that’s why Twitter isn’t turning into the bastion of free speech we had hoped for, thanks to the crew who’s taking over the helm. And one of the biggest standouts is Aaron Rodericks, a flaming liberal who’s now heading up “censorship.”

Here’s what Mike Benz, the founder of the Foundation for Freedom Online, had to say about this “double-agent.”

He’s working under a false banner of free speech, but his past posts reveal that he despises everything that genuine free speech stands for. What’s truly concerning is that this “double-agent” persona may enable him to continue this tactic for an extended period. It seems that conservatives are being lulled into a false sense of freedom, and that’s concerning.

The “censorship” Czar might despise everything you represent, but we’re confident he’ll approach things with complete fairness and unbiased judgment—yeah, right.

Meet the new X — it’s basically the same as the old Twitter.

Here’s a closeup of the images:



And here’s a photo of Aaron from his X profile:

We’re not convinced that this situation will unfold any differently than our last nightmarish encounters with Twitter under Jack and Parag’s progressive leadership. We’re dealing with the same dubious cast, operating under a new clever guise of “free speech.” Meanwhile, Elon’s new CEO has made it clear that content deemed “lawful but awful” will be censored and suppressed. Who determines what’s awful? Her team of blue-haired liberals, of course.

As Glenn Greenwald points out, it seems that nothing has really changed at the platform formerly known as Twitter:

Elon’s eyebrow-raising pick for Twitter CEO, Linda Yaccarino, is putting her more ad-friendly policies into action—And it’s sounding a lot like the old censorship regime:

➡️ New “brand safety” & “content moderation” tools
➡️ Deamplifying & repressing “lawful but awful” speech
➡️ Teams of employees filtering out “unhealthy” speech

Of course there are commercial realities to consider.

But it’s hard to argue this is anything other than a total break with the promise to only take action against First Amendment violations.

When Elon bought Twitter, he touted himself as a staunch supporter of free speech. However, it seems he’s learning the hard way that “free speech” in America is very hard to come by these days, especially if you want to stay in business and actually turn a profit.