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The ball got rolling on the population issue recently thanks to Elon Musk, who commented on a powerful post about the crisis. Here’s what the post said:

Population collapse is the biggest threat to civilization.

• Japan had it’s largest total drop in population since 1968.

• U.S. population flatlining as birth rate stagnates.

• China’s fertility rate hits record low.

• Singapore’s birth rate falls to record low.

• UK Births hit 20-Year low.

• Italy’s birth rate drops to historic low.

• South Korea breaks record for world’s lowest fertility rate, again.

That post ignited a wave of insightful replies, like one that highlights how elites are actually exploiting low birth rates to justify, even push for, mass immigration. They’ve managed to persuade white people to essentially phase themselves out—and it’s working.

Mind-boggling, isn’t it?

That comment sparked yet another sharp analysis that delved into how the elites craftily leverage low birth rates. They promote these rates daily as a way to “combat climate change” and advance their “girl boss” narrative. After all, the story goes that young women aren’t yearning for a fairy-tale ending with a charming prince and adorable kids; they’re striving for middle-management roles at mediocre marketing firms — that’s what “Snow White” told us.


Exactly, it’s this kind of circular argument.

-Tells two consecutive generations that having kids will destroy the planet and glamorizes “childfree” life-

“We need more immigrants because no one is having kids”

“We need immigrants because they’ll do the jobs Americans won’t do”

What they really mean is..

-Foreigners lack generational wealth and thus become fresh debt slaves because they will need things like homes and cars and educations on credit, as well as consumer debt like credit cards

-Foreigners are disconnected from the culture they are new arrivals to, and thus it is easier to teach them to hate the culture the elites want to dismantle and replace (Sherman memes good indicator here)

-Foreigners come from homogenous places and thus act tribally much more easily, which makes them easier to negotiate with as a bloc (see Minnesota Somalians)

-Foreigners are willing to have a lower standard of living than Americans are, meaning even chattel wages doing menial work is an upgrade from where they came from. (And corps have ultimate leverage against illegals in particular, just look at Koch Industries poultry workers getting ICE called on them when they get uppity.. by their own employers..)

-Foreigners come from low trust societies, and thus have no principles to hold them back from very transactional gibs related relationships with power. It’s not like it’s their tax money.

-The cheap labor aspect *requires* a new generation of underclass immigrants constantly flow into the country, because the children of 1st and 2nd gen Americans don’t want to pick fruit and mow lawns, they want to go to college.

While there are exceptions to these generalizations, the exceptions do not disprove the general rule that these things are all true.

What this is ultimately about is creating a cudgel of rootless foreigners to attack nativist and populist sentiments with. Who can be bribed to empower a malicious cultural minority who wants to dismantle what we have and other elites look the other way because they benefit from the cheap labor the most.

If you advocate for pushing locals to just have more kids instead, like Shinzo Abe or Viktor Orban, they’ll engage in immediate fake cognitive dissonance. “But babies kill the planet and you’re a racist and they are asylum seekers and they do the jobs Americans won’t do”

The type of stupid and/or dishonest people who say in the same breath that we need to be able to pay illegal aliens less than minimum wage to pick fruit or it’ll get too expensive for American consumers, but think Starbucks Baristas making less than 70k a year makes them victims of predatory capitalism and minimum wage needs to rise.

The scariest part of this is how easy it was to manipulate the masses. Society has convinced women that having children is a burden to the point that some are even “celebrating” their abortions as if it’s an achievement to take a human life. Meanwhile, birth control ads are pushing a “girl boss” narrative, glamorizing one-night stands through catchy jingles and dance numbers.

Men are becoming more feminine than women, which undermines their societal dominance and disrupts the natural balance that’s kept things in check. As whites drift further from faith, family, and tradition, it becomes easier for globalists to write them out of the narrative altogether. The irony?  This self-erasure is happening with white people’s own consent, and many don’t even recognize what’s going on.