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If you’re feeling extra depressed and hopeless lately, you’re not alone. There’s an incredible new poll out that reveals an increasing number of Americans believe the U.S. is “doomed.”

Big League Politics:

A Rasmussen poll revealed that a large portion of voters believe the United States is doomed if their presidential candidate of choice loses in 2024.

Per the poll, 40% of likely US voters agree with the statement, “Joe Biden must be re-elected president next year, or the United States is doomed,” which includes 25% who strongly agree. 53% are in disagreement, which includes 43% who strongly disagree.

45% agree with the statement, “Donald Trump must be re-elected president next year or the United States is doomed,” which includes 26% who strongly agree. 53% disagree, which includes 44% who strongly disagree.

67% of Democrat voters at least somewhat agree that America is doomed should Biden not be re-elected in 2024. By contrast,  61% of Republicans at least somewhat agree that the US is doomed if Trump doesn’t win in 2024. 45% of independent voters at least somewhat agree the US is doomed if Trump doesn’t win, compared to 25% who share the same sentiment about Biden.

It’s totally understandable why many Americans are feeling as if we’re “doomed.” After all, we’re facing a horrific surge in crime, coupled with the transformation of our nation into a nuttier version of North Korea, thanks to unprecedented election meddling and the incarceration of political dissidents. In addition, there’s the rise of inflation and the resurgence of soaring gas prices, along with hordes of homeless Americans amid a flood of illegals. And who can forget the left’s attempts to groom and mutilate our children? All of this, among other pressing matters, weighs heavy on the hearts and minds of decent and patriotic Americans.

So, where can these worried Americans find solace? Where’s the place we they can go to unwind and momentarily escape all the worries?

The movies? Where you can now watch  a black Little Mermaid or a cringeworthy feminist spin on Indiana Jones… okay, so what about a classic comedy? Sounds appealing, but alas, comedy seems to be outlawed these days. That’s what actor and comedian Adam LeVine is openly alleging. He’s also shedding light on Hollywood’s tactics that are actively suppressing the spirit of comedy. We’ve transitioned from a plethora of side-splitting films each year to a mere handful of carefully scripted chuckles, all courtesy of the globalist agenda.

Sadly, Adam is absolutely spot-on. What better method to manipulate the masses than by dictating what is and isn’t worthy of a laugh? Ironically, it was humor and the lighthearted mockery of each other that actually brought us together as a society. Yet, the left has extinguished that very source of pleasure – and they did it not to promote cohesion, but to ensure more division.