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A recent post on X, featuring side-by-side images of the “new” John Fetterman and the “old” John Fetterman, has sparked curiosity among many people. They’re asking, “Who’s the new guy?” because to them, it doesn’t look like John Fetterman. The post, created by podcaster Stew Peters, has already garnered over 1 million views and highlights a distinct difference between the new Fetterman and the old one – their ears. In the older photo on the right, John’s ears are clearly sticking out. However, in the newer “makeover” photo on the left, John’s ears seem to sit very close to his head. This has led to speculation: Did he undergo ear surgery? What’s going on?

Many people have also noted that his nose appears much thinner in the older picture compared to the new photo. Granted, shadows and angles can affect how a face appears on camera, but even taking that into account, this difference is rather peculiar.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“He overspent on the Groucho Marx disguise”

“Just another government hoax”

“They think we’re all stupid.”

“Managed to grow out a full stash real quick ”

“They aren’t even trying anymore…”

“Hope they new guy can at least talk”

“I don’t usually buy in this type of thing, but those two pictures are not of the same person, and there’s no doubt about it. Where the pictures were taken and who they’re supposed to represent, I don’t know.”

We agree with that last comment. We’re not inclined to embrace the ‘mask’ or ‘body double’ theories, but when placed side by side, these two photos do look rather odd. Let us know what you think about this in the comments.