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The controversy surrounding childhood vaccines has been simmering for some time, particularly with the rapid rise in autism rates. While the so-called “scientific community” hasn’t reached a consensus on a potential link between vaccines and the neurodevelopmental disorder, public skepticism has only grown. This mistrust was made even worse when the government aggressively began promoting COVID vaccines not just for adults, but for children — who were at very low risk. The flu was likely more dangerous for these poor kids. The “experts” assured us the vaccines were safe, but public suspicion went through the roof following an uptick in sudden deaths among otherwise healthy people — including many children. This raised many questions about the actual safety of these vaccines, as well as other jabs.

These concerns might be very warranted given a very deceptive little trick that the government and Big Pharma have been playing on parents and kids. It’s known as the “Placebo Pyramid Scheme.” This method is used to fast-track the approval of vaccines for children.

Chief Nerd:

Aaron Siri Exposes the ‘Placebo Pyramid Scheme’ Used to License Childhood Vaccines

“What Dr. Offit wrote is ‘all vaccines are tested in placebo-controlled trials before licensure’…The problem is that is not true…He is dead wrong in making that claim…As an example the initial Prevnar vaccine, Prevnar 7, was clinical trialed against another experimental vaccine [not placebo]. And then in that clinical trial the adverse event rate that occurred between the vaccinated group and the control group that got another experimental vaccine…since that rate of harm was the same, it was deemed safe. Then when they went to license Prevnar 13, they used Prevnar 7 as the control vaccine.”


Even more information is coming out on this trickery. Here’s what X user who goes by the anonymous name “It Guy” had to say about after Dr. Paul Offit confessed that some childhood vaccines were NOT placebo tested at all.

This trick👇is covered extensively in the book “Turtles All the Way Down”

Most childhood vaccines are not tested against a placebo, they’re tested against a prior version of the vaccine.

The (flawed) assumption is the prior vaccine is already proven safe; therefore, the only test needed is if the new one is worse.

One can immediately see where this circular logic leads.

It’s one of many dirty tricks Big Pharma uses to make their drugs appears more “safe and effective” than they are.


Parents ought to be well-informed about this sort of information so they can make educated and secure choices about what goes into their children’s systems. This is especially true in the wake of the COVID crisis, which has clearly eroded the public’s trust in our so-called experts.

The New York Times:

[…] American public had lost much of its trust both in public health experts and in government leaders, and was less worried than before about Covid-19, according to a survey conducted in early May and released Thursday by the Pew Research Center.

Confidence ratings for public health officials, like those at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; for state and local elected officials; and for President Biden fell in a range from 43 percent to 54 percent in the survey — much lower than during the early stages of the pandemic.

The sad part is, it’s actually quite simple to test against a real placebo. Just be upfront with parents that their child might get a placebo and would need to come back for the actual vaccine if they want it. They’re not doing this likely because it would reveal any potential side effects and cost them money in the long run.