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Gen Z conservative influencer and activist Daniel Schmidt has a bone to pick with Fox News. The University of Chicago student was recently featured on the struggling cable news network after he faced unprecedented media attacks for exposing a racist course called “The Problem With Whiteness” being offered at his school.

Fox News:

A conservative student who faced media attacks after exposing a course called “The Problem of Whiteness,” at his school, said the blowback shows the left doesn’t expect conservatives to push back.

“If you’re a conservative, ‘shut up, obey, don’t say anything,'” Daniel Schmidt told Fox News Digital.

The incoming junior at the University of Chicago and self-described activist said the controversy began after he stumbled across the class while browsing the upcoming semester’s catalog last fall.

“And it just stood out to me,” Schmidt said. “Can you imagine if there were a class called ‘Problem of Blackness’  [or] ‘Problem of Jewishness?’…Everyone would be talking about it.”

Daniel first made a name for himself fighting back against the unconstitutional vaccine mandates, and he actually won.

Back in 2022, Daniel took to Twitter and published a detailed thread, highlighting the disturbing anti-white culture and propaganda being pushed by the University of Chicago.

After that is when Daniel focused on the problematic curriculum titled “The Problem With Whiteness.” That recent article published on Fox News shed light on how the young activist became a target of the left-wing media, cancel culture, and even university staff for bravely denouncing blatant racism and defending his beliefs. The Fox piece goes on:

Schmidt argues the media’s “overreaction” to his activism is hypocritical because the press doesn’t seem to care when liberal students try to “dox” professors and ruin lives.”

“They totally are shocked when a conservative, White male speaks up. I mean, you know, let’s be honest, Black Lives Matter activists, they try to cancel professors all the time. They try to dox students. They try to ruin lives. I mean, this happens on a regular basis. And I don’t see any New York Times article being written about this. I don’t see any CNN article about this. But when a conservative student does it, that’s —totally [the] end of the world,” he remarked.

Schmidt believes these “hit pieces” show liberal media outlets are “a little scared” of how effective the conservative minority on college campuses can be.

Daniel made an appearance on Fox Business, shedding even more light on the growing anti-white racism at the University of Chicago and nationwide. This issue has become more pressing in the wake of the recent Supreme Court ruling against “affirmative action” in college admissions. The interview was very popular and sparked meaningful discussions. However, to everyone’s surprise, Fox News abruptly removed it from YouTube without any explanation. The reasons behind Fox News’ decision to make Daniel’s impactful interview vanish remain unknown.

Poof, and gone…

Here’s what Daniel had to say about Fox News’ concerning move to memory hole his stance against anti-white hate and racism:

Fox Business just scrubbed every trace of my interview from their website and YouTube channel. Completely memory-holed.

My interview was up for a week on their YouTube channel and had 100k+ views and a universally positive reception. But Fox doesn’t care about their audience, so they took down my interview likely because they received pressure from certain actors after my interview gained traction.

All these Fox hosts constantly complain about how college kids are sheep and need to wake up. But apparently that’s just limited to complaining about pronouns and socialism. Discussing anti-white hatred is still off-limits.

More and more white students wake up to the anti-white agenda every day. There will soon be a time when the mainstream conservative movement must address it or become completely obsolete.

Daniel still has a brief snippet of the powerful interview, and you can watch it below.

Why did Fox Business remove the very powerful YouTube video of this interview? Considering Fox News’ gradual shift towards a more left-leaning stance, it’s reasonable to speculate that their decision to remove the powerful interview might have been politically motivated. Perhaps they wanted to avoid stirring upsetting globalist board members, such as Paul Ryan.