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There’s a video that’s gone viral featuring a ghoulish, pink-haired “non-binary” surgeon who admits to performing a shockingly massive number of “gender surgeries” on young children. The video was disturbing on its own, but now, a whistleblower who worked with this surgeon has come forward to share some incredibly dark and horrific insights into what this man is actually doing to our nation’s kids. The initial video was shared by TPUSA influencer Ashley St. Clair. It shows an Oregon surgeon brazenly admitting he’s “learning as he goes” while performing mutilation procedures on numerous gender-confused children. Here’s what Ashley said in her tweet:

What do you think of this Oregon surgeon discussing the gender affirming surgeries (GAS) he performs on children?

According to him, 80% of his practice is GAS & his “passion lies in genital surgery”

“[Gender affirming surgeries] are expanding… a lot of adolescents presenting for surgical intervention.”

This surgeon also claims gender affirming surgeries on children are a “unique challenge” because “we’re kind of learning & figuring out what works.”


But it’s what comes next that’s even scarier. Ashley posted a chilling update to this story, revealing that a whistleblower has now come forward and shed even more light on what this “demonic surgeon” is doing to children.

Here’s what Ashley said in her follow up tweet:

EXCLUSIVE: A whistleblower has come forward since this post. They worked with the man below and described him as a “demon surgeon”

Below are the testosterone consent forms the whistleblower provided from Doernbecher Gender Clinic.

Additional documents show a testosterone dosing schedule for girls as young as 10 years old.

The below document admits girls who take testosterone may be infertile PERMANENTLY & long-term effects are unknown

“Although testosterone is a common treatment for adults with gender dysphoria, using this treatment in young adolescents is a newer development, and the long-term effects are not fully known.”

This is nothing short of medical experimentation on children while simultaneously having the Media prop up HRT and gender affirming care are tried and true.

Read the documents for yourself:





In addition, Ashely shared a Doernbecher Gender Clinic’s testosterone dosing schedule for cross-sex treatment. The document reveals that they can start measuring testosterone levels when a girl hits “Tanner stage 2”. Ashley explains that “Tanner stage 2” is when girls have a breast bud, which is typically starting at age 10 or 11.


As you can imagine, folks online are horrified at what they’re seeing. Here’s what some of them had to say.

“These doctors should be put in jail”

“Demon surgeon who was allowed to operate by a whistleblower until this Mengele clone self-admitted his atrocities. If he hadn’t posted his confession how much more destruction would he have wrought?”

“He’s a FU**ING monster!!!!!”

This doctor is a societal misfit. Just like a modern-day “Frankenstein,” he’s creating more misfits who align with his perverse belief system. Trans radicals like this man are constructing a community where they are no longer outliers but part of a larger group, in some twisted attempt to justify their warped actions and beliefs, and our nations children are their Guinea pigs.