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There are many people coming forward lately, sharing what they’ve gone through thanks to the COVID 19 vaccines. One of those people is UFC light heavyweight fighter Anthony “Lionheart” Smith, and he’s speaking about the nightmare he and his mother faced thanks to the COVID-19 vaccine. In a podcast chat with ex-UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping, Smith revealed that his mother tragically passed away after suffering a stroke just two weeks after she received the Pfizer booster shot. Smith also opened up about his own blood clot health scare after his COVID-19 jab.

Here’s what The Canadian Independent shared about the interview on Twitter:

Watch: UFC Fighter Anthony Smith Discloses Blood Clot Experience Post mRNA COVID Vaccine and Alleges Mother’s Death After Pfizer Booster Injection.

UFC Light Heavyweight fighter Anthony “Lionheart” Smith opens up about his experiences and observations related to COVID-19 vaccinations during a “Believe You Me” podcast with former UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping.

During the discussion, Smith shared a personal event concerning his mother. According to Smith, his mother tragically fell into a coma due to a stroke two weeks after receiving the Pfizer booster shot and, unfortunately, passed away.

Smith also disclosed his own health experience, stating that he developed a blood clot shortly after receiving the COVID-19 vaccination.

After hearing about Smith’s experience, Bisping revealed that he was initially a proponent of the vaccine, but now he has doubts about its overall credibility, stating, “I admit I was all about it at the time. And now I think the whole thing is goddamn bullshit. I think the whole thing is bullshit.”

This testimony certainly packs a punch, and here’s to hoping it encourages more folks to bravely share their own experiences as well.

You can listen to the entire podcast here.