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Tucker Carlson gave his very first interview after being fired from Fox News, sitting down with actor and high-profile podcaster Russell Brand to discuss a variety of topics. One topic that has always been near and dear to Tucker’s heart is January 6th and the subsequent coverup by the regime about what really happened that day. Despite Tucker’s absence from the mainstream media circuit, his passion and anger regarding the lies surrounding January 6th have not subsided. If anything, he’s even angrier, and he unleashed that fury while speaking with Russell. One of Tucker’s main grievances is with the FBI. He was tipped off by the chief of the Capitol police that they were in the crowd “undercover” on January 6th. But that exclusive scoop never hit the airwaves, because Fox gave him the boot before it could be aired.

Columbia Bugle:

Whoa Tucker Carlson Tells @rustyrockets That He Was Able To Interview The Chief Of The Capitol Police On January 6th Steven

Sund Sund Claimed In The Interview The Crowd Was Filled With Federal Agents On January 6th

Fox News Took Tucker Carlson Off The Air Before The Interview Was Released

Tucker Carlson: “The amount of lying around January 6th, and it was obvious in the tapes that I showed, is really distressing. And anyone who is covering for those lies should be ashamed of themself. And that would include almost the entire American Media, including Fox News.”


Tucker goes on to discuss the innocent people who’ve been politically persecuted, pointing to Jason Chansley, who was put in prison after being escorted by police through the Capitol as if he were a VIP tourist.

Chief Nerd:

? Tucker Carlson Gets PISSED About the Lies Surrounding January 6th

“The more time has passed, now it’s been 2.5 years, it becomes really obvious that core claims they made about January 6th were lies…It was not an insurrection. And to put Jacob Chansley, an American citizen, a Navy veteran, in jail for years after he was let into the Senate chamber by uniformed Capitol Hill police officers and then I play that and I’m the bad guy? F*ck you!”


Unfortunately, it looks like January 6th was orchestrated by both Democrats and Republicans to damper any future protests from Trump supporters and use as a political weapon against decent Americans and President Trump. And sadly, it has worked… for now.