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We’re rapidly approaching a scenario where our real life identities are intricately tied to our online personas, and “Altman’s Orb” — the dystopian new world currency project — stands as a striking example of this biometric integration.

Altman’s Orb

The reporters over at Business Insider think the new “orb” is the best thing since sliced bread. However, many other folks disagree.

Business Insider:

The orbs, shiny sculptural spheres that scan the eyeballs of new members, seem to have become the company’s dystopian symbol. They help to provide users with “World IDs,” records proving a person signing up is human and not AI, with the goal of moving through the internet more easily and accessing digital currency, according to the company.

Its reflective surface warps any surrounding people and buildings around its circumference like an all-consuming fun house mirror ball. It’s almost hypnotic — imagine holding its gaze as the Orb affirms your humanity.

The Worldcoin folks don’t want you to worry though, they say you don’t have to give any “personal info” if you don’t want — just a scan of your trusty eyeball will do.


Worldcoin seems to have anticipated some of the more obvious critiques of the orb’s dystopian aesthetic, and sought to provide reassurance.

You don’t need to provide any personal information if you don’t want to, its website says — besides, of course, the one pertaining to the insides of your eyes. The “World ID” itself doesn’t contain any iris-related data, according to the company. And the eyeball scans get erased, according to Worldcoin.

There’s nothing on earth scarier than receiving your very own “world ID.” It’s hard to imagine anything more frightening than being a bonafide “citizen of the world,” where your money and very existence are left in the ghoulish hands of Big Tech and Big Government. The increasing integration of one’s real life identity with online identity creates a whole new worlds of possibility for abuse on the part of the usual suspects. The integration of currency and payments into this mix is still more dangerous. Say something the government doesn’t like? Get ready to have your digital wallet fined — or seized entirely. Indeed, this is the very infrastructure that serves as the precondition for the much maligned Chinese “social credit score system.” Yet, sadly, this is the existence the regime is pushing for. Get ready for your eyeballs to be scanned, your social media to be scoured, and your bank accounts to be scrutinized, Global Citizen.

Sam Altman is the CEO of “Open AI,” the company behind the controversial and ever popular AI chat program Chat GPT, whose political bias we have chronicled and analyzed extensively in a previous piece.


For today’s regime, AI is a chance to correct a mistake. A woke AI, integrated into a search engine, can be trained to exclude undesirable websites, or even undesirable people. For now, ChatGPT’s wokeness is mostly annoying, often manifesting as tedious moral lectures if one asks the wrong question. But it is still early. Future AIs will be more powerful — and more subtle.

Today’s ruling regime depends on an eternal war against noticing and on relentlessly punishing those who exercise too much pattern recognition on taboo topics. Now, the regime is poised to ensure that AI reproduces the social blocks to pattern recognition that political correctness demands.

Other than simply complaining or joking on Twitter about getting lectured by a bot, there has been little serious discussion among opponents of the regime about how to prevent this takeover. And that is short-sighted.

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Now Altman has raised a staggering $100 million for his ambitious “Worldcoin” project. And if the United Nations gets its way, this digital currency could soon find its way into a bank near you. But that’s not all, because this is all part of a larger global plan to link everyone’s digital identity directly to their real-life bank accounts, allowing the regime to unleash an alarming level of control, potentially leading to individuals being financially wiped out from existence with a simple press of a button.

What’s most disturbing is that the true dystopian nature of this new technology is unimaginable at this stage, however, it will likely be used in many ways, with law enforcement agencies leading the charge against so-called online “disinformation” terrorists. All they have to do is:

  • Take a photograph of a crowd
  • Facial recognition technology is employed to identify everyone
  • Their phones are scanned and linked to their identities
  • Subsequently, their social media accounts are suspended

Imagine a scenario where cutting-edge, human-based technology is utilized to swiftly suppress any form of political dissent. Well, you don’t have to imagine it because such technology is already a reality today and will likely be employed in ways we can’t even fathom, aiming to silence any “wrong thinking” non-global citizens.