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The US military is at a major crossroads — or perhaps a “cross dressing” road, to be more exact.


During the month of June, which sadly, has been hijacked by the LGBTQ+, the woke US military pushed out a slew of trans-related propaganda, including the latest debacle involving “Rachel Jones,” the newest cross-dressing military man. In what can only be seen as a spiteful and disrespectful move, the military strategically released this clip just ahead of July 4th.

These are the real heroes?

This video has sparked a lot of controversy, and, did you happen to notice something about the above trannies? They’re looking pretty corpulent. Major Fatass… er, Jones, is looking like he needs boot camp again.

Why is that? Well, here’s what journalist Jordan Schachtel reported.

Turns out Mr. “Rachel” won’t need to worry about things like weight standards, at all. Since he identifies as trans, Mr. “Rachel” will be exempt from such inconvenient things as staying in shape.

Here’s a closeup of the images:



It’s not just trannies, of course: our military is turning into a even bigger, doughy circus more generally. In general, however, things are worse among the “diversity” hires — women, blacks, Hispanics, and transvestites.

Military Times:

It’s not exactly clear why America’s military personnel are getting fatter. Could be that 15 years of war have weakened the focus on fitness. Could be that millennials, with their penchant for sedentary activities like playing video games and killing time on social media, aren’t always up to the rigors of military life. Could be all the burgers, fries, cakes and pies served in chow halls around the world.

And maybe, too, the military is simply reflecting the nation’s broader population, whose poor eating habits are fueling an alarming rise obesity rates.

This much is clear, though: Today’s military is fatter than ever.

For the first time in years, the Pentagon has disclosed data indicating the number of troops its deems overweight, raising big questions about the health, fitness and readiness of today’s force.

About 7.8 percent of the military — roughly one in every 13 troops — is clinically overweight, defined by a body mass-index greater than 25. This rate has crept upward since 2001, when it was just 1.6 percent, or one in 60, according to Defense Department data obtained by Military Times. And it’s highest among women, blacks, Hispanics and older service members.

It’s evident that Mr. “Rachel” isn’t adhering to any female weight standards, that’s for sure. He enjoys the best of both worlds: identifying as a woman, yet eating and looking like a man. The US. military will applaud him at every juncture, since in today’s America, under Biden’s administration, it seems less about whether we can defend our nation and more about promoting diversity and inclusivity. Keep that in mind when our country undoubtedly struggles against foreign adversaries.